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Forums Forums Astrology Are scorpios more likely to create propaganda on pop astrology communities?

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    you will see it often posts that will claim scorpios are something they arent being posted by scorpios and most likely will be upvoted by other scorpios as well like the recent posts where it shows the map on which signs are most common in usa and was posted on facebook by a scorpio biased page showing cancers and virgos are most common in america when it is a known fact scorpios are the most common sign both in the us and worldwide with birthrates peaking in mid october through mid november theres also the posts claiming scorpio is the most hated sign created by scorpios to push some kind of message when everyone knows scorpios are the most loved and hyped up zodiac sign for decades now anyone else notice scorpios and scorpio favoring astrologers tend to create narratives around pop astrology when it comes to scorpio?

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