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    Aww good vibes!!

  • Aww good vibes!!

    Playingwithspirits07 updated 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 2 Replies
  • AbsurdPatronus

    January 31, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Deck: Linestrider’s Journey by Siolo Thompson

    This is a regular three card spread but with the context card placed at the top (the world).

    I was doing some shuffling earlier for a video of my typical reading process and each time I laid out a spread the World card was in that spread, so I decided to do a reading on why I was seeing it and to get some more information.

    I pulled The King of Wands (upright) the Eight of Wands (upright) and the Four of wands (upright). Initial thoughts were that this is a very positive reading about the end of a cycle.

    The World gives the context that a major part of my life journey is about to come to a close – which it is! I’m in my last semester of college and will be graduating come spring.

    The kind of pentacles let’s me know that someone I’m my life with worldly experiences will be there to support me as I transition to the next stage in my life. This could be referring to my father or possibly my professor who has supported me through my academic career and may be involved in helping me into my actual career.

    The eight of wands is telling me to take action. Take the leap, move forward. Don’t hesitate now because good things are coming. Use your energy to progress – find that apartment, don’t get too discouraged when it gets stressful!

    And the four of wands is letting me know that this really is an occasion to celebrate! This is a huge victory and as stressful as it might be to end such a huge part of my life it’s not something sad. The end of this cycle isn’t tragic, it’s extraordinary and there are people around me who want to celebrate it with me.

    Overall – this point of my life is a huge transition period, but it’s not a loss. I’m about to move onto something bigger and as scary as that is – don’t hesitate. Take the leap. I have people supporting me and celebrating this with me!

    I’ve been getting readings like this pretty frequently now which is no surprise. It’s a big event in my life. It’s nice to get a spread like this though because it reminds me that this isn’t something I need to stay awake at night with anxiety over. Just keep moving forward. I’ve got people willing to catch me if I fall. I’m not in this alone. I need to let myself celebrate this rather than dread what comes after, because I’ll be ok!!

  • Playingwithspirits07

    January 31, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Very much so. Pretty deck

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