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    Hi there! I’m a professional tarot reader, psychic and spellcaster offering psychic protection for all who need it today, for free or however much you can afford to donate.

    With this service, I’ll preform a ritual to cleanse your energy, then I’ll cast a shield of golden light around you that will protect you from psychic attacks, negativity, trickster spirits and anything that wishes to harm you astrally.

    After many requests from my tarot clients, I’ve decided to start preforming this ritual for others, as protection is what I do best. This ritual will be preformed using planetary magick in a ceremonial magic style setting.

    **This shield will benefit you if you:**

    Feel constant negative energy around or within you.

    Feel you’re being sent negativity by others.

    Feel you’re being or were cursed in any way.

    Feel you’re being drained of your energy.

    Feel you’re surrounded by spirits with ill intent towards you.

    Feel you’re carrying a heavy weight you can’t seem to get rid of.

    This will be a collective spell and it’ll be performed next Sunday, February 7. **Message me if you’re interested in me adding your name to the list!**

    Donations are very much appreciated, no matter how small, as ritual work does take a lot of energy to perform, so thank you very much in advance if you decide to leave a donation.

    All the best,

    Virginia Orseth.

  • Cleansing & Protection Spell

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    Yes I am PM you

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