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    Could someone shed some light into astrology, western more particularly. I’m curious to learn the foundations of how the positioning of planets can loosely determine/suggest ones characteristics. And karma.

    Where did we get this information from? How has it developed to be so specific to determine what kind of person someone is and even advise what traits we must inhabit/let go of?

    I’m very open minded but doubtful to how this works. I asked my sibling, an astrology learner, how she knows this is true and she didn’t have an answer. I’m not sure if most people delve into astrology without questioning how this actually all works (i mean how a planet can suggest these things rather than just saying Mars represents this and that)


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    February 4, 2021 at 3:47 pm


    I was doing some original research on ancient Irish myths and can across Nick Champions amazing work and Bernadette Brady. It amazing how far back the scientific side of astrology goes back. And with some extraordinary measurement capability without instruments. Kind of mind boggling. Victor is an Astrologer from the UK and he mentions another astrologer named Russel Grant who apparently has been consulted by the British Royalty. You can’t get a much better referral than that. Victor cracks me up. He’s witty and sharp and I think very skilled. He’s also irascible but not without reason when it comes to defending astrology. The deeper I go into my studies the more I realize that this might not be the best approach, but I support Victor and again am taken by his panache.

    Here’s the link:

    Much of the Western history goes back to Ancient Greece and astrology appears to have been arrived by way of the Etruscans. Chris Brennan has interviewed a number of scholars who have turned over fresh stones and added to the fragments already collected. My personal caution is that they are still viewing “fragments” even though they’ll wax and wane with incredible certitude. Part of this excitement was catalyzed by Rob Hands Project Hindsight. 10 years before he introduced Whole Sing Houses, Patrizia Norelli Bachelet published The Gnostic Circle. She dates astrology back even further to Ancient India and suggests astrology originated there. But her work discount Jyotish as a misstep, so that’s another layer of complexity and debate. Around the same time that PNB published her work Noel Tyl published a massive 12 volume set called Principle and Practices in Astrology. Like PNB he submits that most astrologers are working with a “partial view” of the whole and yet each part seems to validate the whole, but they do not necessarily mix. There astrologer working on synthesizing different approaches but the work gets muddled. PNB suggests that this attempt will not bear the fruit people hope it will. I’m not sure. I do think however that mastering one approach is necessary before adding to it from outside.

    You will find scientific arguments describing the influence of the planets easily enough despite what Neil deGrasse Tyson says.

    It seems to me astrology doesn’t need to be defended or proved. Study it. Learn it. And share it. The language will emerge as self evident and enrich your conversation much the same way the letter of the alphabet do. To stronger you build your vocabulary the more enriching the conversation will become.



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