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Forums Forums Mediums Doing mindfullness and finding stuff about what people like such as a flower for example, with any knowledge before hand. What’s going on?

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    I don’t know if a medium can explain what I’m experiencing but here we go.

    So way back maybe 7 years ago, I went to therapy. My student therapist at the time encouraged me to do hour of mediation a day. He called it mindfull ess but I learnt it was mediation. I would lay on the floor and time it I could only reach 45mins. He told me if I had a thought to bring the focus back to my breath every time..I started to have werid experiences. At first I felt warmth on my right hand then it felt as someone was walking around me as I lay down.
    I had disturbing images in my mind so imagination. I never saw it in real life.
    Of this alien grey being looking at me.
    My student therapist told me to ask God questions that I was worried about. So for example my house lived next to kindergarten. Its next to a fast road and so far for all these years no kid has got run over. I asked God why? and I had image of this huge massive angel coming from the ground with it’s arms out the length of the kindergarten. I realised oh long time ago the kindergarten was blessed under God’s protection.

    I start to think for myself maybe I could foresee the future. Before I didn’t think of this. I had intense vidi dreams but I usually do even before mediation.
    I would dream of someone I know and something would happened to them that was excatly right what I dream..

    Okay now here is the part Im wondering what I’m expecting because it came up again with a different therapist I’m seeing now.
    So I start off with the student therapist.
    During my mediation I would get random images in my mind,.so imagtion. I start to believe everyone had their own spiritual garden. So for example say if there is a rose that represent the person personatily who they are but if it’s in a desert it meant their environment in their waking life isn’t exactly great.
    I start to do it to see my student therapist spiritual garden. I kept seeing this huge massive orange tree.
    I ended up telling my therapist and he told me “Oh yes, my grandparents owned a orange farm”.
    I did it again and saw peach trees and my therapist said yes, my grandparents also hada peach farm too.

    Okay, so I did it to my partner and saw this solar system hanging with string with planets and stars. I told him this and he said “yes I aboustely loved space as a child and I did created a solar system once as a kid”.

    I also did it to this friend at this fencing club and learnt that he was into knights middle ages stuff cause I saw it in his spiritual garden.

    I had no knowledge of this before hand.

    Okay now the present.
    My current therapist is doing EMDR therapy for me.
    At one point I said I had a image during our EMDR therapy of my therapist hugging me and there are white lilly flowers around her.
    When my therapist told me her eyes went big as a surpsied.
    After ending of therapy I asked her is your favourite flower white Lilly’s?
    she said yes, my mother brought me white Lilly flowers this week and they are in my house.

    I had no knowledge at all! before hand my therapist favourite flower is a white lilly.

    I have been told more than one therapist I’m a empath. I don’t know if that part of it.

    Can someone explain to me what I’m experencing?

  • Doing mindfullness and finding stuff about what people like such as a flower for example, with any knowledge before hand. What’s going on?

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  • TattoedBacon

    May 30, 2023 at 2:43 am

    Nobody but you can definitely explain what you are experiencing. However, I believe maybe some of us can provide some perspective (or in-sight, lol) on your experiences. You seem to be experiencing clairvoyance (maybe claircognizance).This isn’t always a smooth or calming process for most of us. Sometimes this can be confusing and bewildering, maybe even scary. Often as people begin to have a ‘clair,’ or many ‘clairs,’ unfold for themselves, it doesn’t seem to fit any linear narrative for their life. Or to put it another way, we might think these experiences should make sense within our current world view, but in fact these experiences are expanding our perspectives past a point of comfort – inviting (or forcing, lol) us to widen our understanding of reality. If these experiences are too intense or uncomfortable, you can do your best to ignore them altogether or maybe lessen any practice you think that contributes to them. You don’t have to invest anything in them, such as a needing to make sense of them. You can just let them be what they are…experiences. Or…you can do what most of us have done, which is usually to find a process (such as a system, a paradigm, a mentor, a practice, a tradition, a path, some formalized education or training) to assist in ‘developing’ this new experience. While this is a mediumship sub, it is a good subreddit to ask for feedback on what you choose to do, as most mediums experience some form of psychic awareness/awakening around the same time as their mediumship experiences come online and can possibly be of some help.

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