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    I’ve always struggled with a fear of failure, but recently, it has escalated like never before, leaving me trapped in kind of a “doomed if I do it, doomed if I don’t” situation and even leading to a self-harm relapse. Like with every issue, I tried distracting myself by listening to music, and this time, I stumbled across a song called “Eight of Swords” by the heavy metal band Huntress. I immediately fell in love with the sound, and to understand the lyrics a bit better, I looked up the meaning of the Eight of Swords tarot card (I still haven’t memorized it lol) and found that it describes my current situation perfectly. Then, I decided to do a spread for myself, and guess what came up first? Eight of Swords. I’m rather agnostic when it comes to the supernatural, but I think this card is trying to tell me something.

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  • honorthecrones

    February 4, 2021 at 5:02 pm

    Failure is a given. We all fail. Failure is not unique to you nor is it the core of your problem. The problem is that you feel failure is fatal. Everyone who has ever succeeded at anything has always preceded that success with some pretty massive failures.

    Strength is found in how you recover from failure. The 8 of swords tells us that we are in a prison of our own imagination. The swords in the image are close to the figure and from her blindfolded position, they appear to make a prison. There is no one holding those swords. There is no enemy, it is all perception.

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