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  • Astrealism

    January 26, 2023 at 7:13 pm

    Lucid Earth Healing Mission

    As your physical body enters it’s nightly rest, your dream/astral body lifts gently away, while your consciousness remains intact.

    You lift, higher and higher above your bed, above your home. Higher and higher above your city, your country. Higher higher we lift, all dreamers lifting higher and higher until we are fully outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

    We join our astral energy together forming one way funnels to release the excess methane and carbon from the atmosphere into the vast vacuum of space. We feel overjoyed as the gases are easily released into space.

    We cast a net of protection keeping space radiation from seeping into the one-way tunnels, funneling out the carbon and methane gases.

    As the warming gases leave the planet the ice caps begin their healing process. Permafrost is restored.

    The oceans cool to their life affirming level perfect for all life on the planet. Moisture returns to the Earth at perfect levels for the trees and plants. The extra moisture make trees, and plants resilient to fire, and increases Photosynthesis.

    The added benefit of assisting Earth’s healing process, is the feeling of love that predominates our planet. The consciousness of the inhabitants of our planet raises dramatically.

    Human beings remember, they are not merely human beings, but multi-dimensional creatures. The realization of their mission to awaken themselves spreads through the entirety of their being! A cascade of self awareness spreads across the world.

    As a result, we shift to renewable and natural magnetic sources for our energy needs. Peace and love are the two predominant energies.

    Everyone on the planet realizes their connection to each other, to the natural world, and to the animal kingdom.

    People all over the world, realize they are herbivores. Plant-based eating becomes a tasty and healthy choice.

    The evolving Consciousness embraces compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love.

    Cooperation is the guide of all competitive sports, creating new ingenious physical endeavors benefitting all. This new cooperative Consciousness overtakes the planet.

    The arts are embraced and revenue streams are shifted to that end.

    An active choice is made by the collective Consciousness of the planet to put affairs of state, country, and planet into the hands of those with the intelligence, compassion, and intuition to create a world sustainable for millennia to come.

    Species once thought extinct begin to reappear, and thrive on the planet.

    The dreamers, poets, philosophers and artists are held in the most highest of regard.

    The consciousness of the planet is raised so high that everyone provides the emotional, physical, and spiritual support needed to help others lift themselves into the new state of Consciousness.

    Those in the field of policing find new careers. They are much happier, and fulfilled letting go of control, as everyone self monitors their thoughts, words, and actions.

    The entire planet is healing itself from within.

    Those who have agreed to leave the Earth plane, as Earth heals do so at their own convenience.

    The mass consciousness of the planet realizes life is a regenerative cycle.

    Peace on Earth is realized, as it was to be, from the beginning.

    This can ultimately be condensed, with more clarity, and carried out by the most conscious Lucid Dreamers on the Planet! I affirm it’s manifesting NOW.

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