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    My partner’s ex was involved in dark magic and I m unsure of the safest way to dispose of some of the things that were left behind. Items like a mirror, lists of names in dark books, and strange art that depicts dark unfamiliar deities.

  • Help! How to dispose of strange items


    September 17, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    If the ex doesn’t want them back, or you’re unwilling/unable to return the items, just find a garbage can that’s big enough. The items only hold as much power over you as you allow them.

    Don’t get caught tossing them into the big dumpster at a local business, though. Illegal dumping penalties can be steep.

  • Shambhodasa

    September 17, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    It really depend how much energy and consciousness is invested in the items, especially with the dieties. Ideally try and return them. If theyre not charged or at all idolised you can just throw them out with the trash, but i would do it on the morning it gets collected. And grab them with a black bag, turning the bag inside out over them like you pick up dog poop. This way any energy that might jump onto you from them will get absorbed by the bag. You could aslo perform the Qabbalistic Cross before dealing with them to seal your aura. The important thing though would be to cleanse yourself and the property after. Taking a cold shower and doing something of the kin of the LBRP would probably be enough. If the items are biodegradable you could throw them in a river (the flow of the water will wash away dark energy) or throw them in the sea (the salt and currents will cleanse them) but i would still recommend using the bag method, just making sure its 100% cotton or something natural, and doing the cleansing after. You could also bury them in the bag if you dont live near water. Somewhere with slate or iron in the ground would be extra good, or under ash, holly, pine, elm or yew trees. If not, as an extra precaution you could throw a metal cross in on top of them before burying or hammer iron nails into the ground in a cross shape over it after burying. If they are energised or alive in any way though its a different matter and having an experienced person there in person to deal with them would be ideal. But do not be afraid of them. If you follow the light of Shiva and reside on the side of the evolution of the universe nothing like this can pose any real threat to you, only inconveniences.

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