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    Last night I went to my friend’s place and helped them set up and perform a cord cutting for(?) an ex girlfriend/roommate. I won’t go into too much detail about their relationship for the sake of privacy, but from what I’ve seen firsthand and what my friend has told me, their relationship has been very volatile and a bit codependent.

    He finally moved out a few months back and just wanted to do a cutting so he could try and move on and hope that his ex could do the same. This was my third cord cutting and first one on someone besides myself. It was really interesting to see how it went.

    From what I could tell, once the candle got to the cord, the fire just went crazy. The ex’s candle set on fire but completely consumed my friend’s candle with fire. His was just completely melting while hers took its sweet time. We just kinda watched in awe while it happened. I could feel a lot of heavy emotion in my chest and he could feel it in his stomach. I believe what happened was that the ex had such a strong hold on him and was refusing to let go and his candle lighting up and melting quickly could mean that she took so much of him/his energy while they were together and still living with one another. At one point, I could see through the fire into the ex's candle.

    We made sure to cleanse him and his space before and after and had him dump everything as far away from his complex.

    It was a very powerful experience imo and would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on it!

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