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    Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Leo to the Lunar New Year: Jan 28 – Feb 10

    In Astrology, Full Moons represent a climax or completion, presaging new beginnings. The Full Moon in Leo on January 28th will be especially lucky with a conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter, but also energetically intense due to a conjunction between Venus and Pluto. A sense of urgency or finality may compel some to push even harder against all odds; while others may find comfort in accepting reality for what it is, adapting accordingly. Following the Gregorian calendar, our year began on January first; however, many cultures around the world will be commemorating theirs over the next few weeks. For thousands of years, most civilizations aligned with lunar calendars, including the Chinese, whose New Year begins on the New Moon, February 11th. It is only natural to review and recalibrate at this time of year; we are halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and change is in the air. Just after the Full Moon, Mercury does an about-face, beginning a three-week retrograde journey in the sign of Aquarius. Through opportunities and confrontations, bouncing between hope and fear, this is a time of realizing the power of words- either harnessed or thrown into the wind.

    So often it feels as though what we say falls on deaf ears, causing us to question our next best step. Do we continue the pursuit of persuasion, or do we abandon our efforts? The Full Moon in Leo amplifies our egos, potentially making it hard to see another perspective outside of our own; and the Venus-Pluto conjunction may lead some down a path of manipulation or power struggles to achieve a desired outcome. When Mercury turns retrograde, it will be unaspected, indicating a disconnect between our thoughts or words and the rest of our existence. Do we practice what we preach? This period between the Full Moon and New Moon tests our understanding of that concept. Deep emotions are challenged by the slow progress of time, and our trigger-happy inner warrior is tired these days. When common sense goes up to bat against the insatiable desire for change, our restless tension can either be channeled into brilliant creativity or squandered with touchy irritability.

    Aries: Any time there is a Full Moon in a fellow fire sign, it is like putting a fresh tank of gas in your car. This Thursday, you will be full of fire and all revved up. For the early Aries, it may feel as though you are all dressed up with nowhere to go, due to your ruler Mars in an awkward angle- but when you are determined, you are a force to be reckoned with. That energy must go somewhere, so instead of stewing, shift your focus, and find a way to have fun by going outside or getting creative. This is an extremely lucky day for you! For the Aries born in April, the Full Moon will offer an opportunity to see yourself or someone else for who they truly are. Finally, with heaps of experience, you can make an educated (although difficult) decision about the future. When February begins, every Aries will be feeling like there is a huge distance between themselves and their goals, but on the 6th of February, something huge clicks into place. The March Aries will see it immediately but experience intense waves of doubt around the 10th. The April Aries might take a second to recognize the opportunity being presented, finding clarity by the 8th, and experiencing doubt around the 11th. Mercury’s retrograde journey may trigger feelings of loneliness or alienation, but it will also inspire creativity and activate any latent talents you have. During this period, you may find yourself remembering old dreams or ideas, each time coming back around to a core question, “How can I make money doing what I love?”. Do not dismiss the burning questions of your heart! Seek joy and approach with curiosity.

    Taurus: On a long and arduous journey, it is advantageous to rest when given the opportunity. The Full Moon in Leo on the 28th is your chance to breathe, ground yourself, and replenish your reserves. For the Taurus born in May, you are integrating a new feeling of closure that is allowing you to move forwards without anchors to the past or other people. It feels nice to take the wheel! Conquering fear and facing a challenge head-on brought you new confidence as well as inspiration, and Mercury’s retrograde journey will have you recalibrating and affirming your direction, as well as revisiting the reasons for your growth. For the early Taurus born in April, you are currently detangling yourself, as raw wounds still anchor your emotions and headspace, keeping you spiraling around a moment or a period in time. These two weeks are all about shifting your energy from reacting to creating, gaining the confidence to take the wheel in your hands, and finally hitting the road. Remember, you choose who gets to come along for the ride. By February 8th you will have the clarity you need to move forwards, and just before the New Moon on the 11th, a battle between your head and your heart will end with a breakthrough. Let both have their say, you need to hear each side.

    Gemini: After all the heavy energy lately, this Full Moon in Leo will feel like sunshine beaming into your life. For the first time in ages, you will feel inspired to connect with other people and be silly. Lingering self-doubt will only prolong feelings of isolation, so take that person up on their offer for a socially distant visit. Early Geminis born in May will have an easier time getting those dark clouds to move on, but the later-born June Gemini is still struggling to understand the meaning behind the patterns they are noticing. Acceptance is the key to understanding, and perhaps shifting from “why” to “what now” may help you. When your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde, you’ll be feeling philosophical and perhaps even poetic. Long-held belief systems will come into question, and you’ll be rethinking your approach to life in general. How are you held back? How are you not you? For every Gemini, the clarity you seek will come around the first of February. When Venus joins Saturn on the 6th, you’ll be feeling serious and contemplative, and by the 8th when Mercury joins the Sun, your revelations will be freeing. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

    Cancer: The Full Moon in Leo may aggravate feelings of dissatisfaction, and a craving for that which is out of reach. It is a slippery slope to think “everything would be great if it wasn’t for….”, or, “I would be happy if only I could….”, so be mindful of your headspace and where it takes you. Mercury’s retrograde journey will put a spotlight on how much you struggle to feel like you are in a good flow, but also painfully aware of the ways in which you are restricted. For the early Cancerian, Mars is making a helpful angle and paving the way for progress, but for some reason you just don’t have the energy or motivation to do much these days. Frustration builds as you remember all the times it felt like you missed out on opportunities, or didn’t follow through on chances, but regret is quicksand you don’t want to get stuck in. For the Cancer born in July, the main reason you feel stuck is because of how much you are both dependent on and also limited by other people. On one hand, it is thought that we should learn to accept what we have and be grateful; however, our emotions are a barometer for our value system, and worth taking into account. Your highest path is one of combining versatility with ingenuity, and adding as much patience as you can muster. All Cancerians may find that their emotions get the best of them around the 10th, so prepare yourself, because everyone will be feeling touchy and irritable.

    Leo: What a wonderful feeling to have a Full Moon in your sign! Supercharged and fired up, you’re feeling lucky and motivated. Consider that your optimism may fade in a couple of days, so make sure not to overcommit or overspend. Leos born in July will find that the recent pattern of “one step forwards two steps backwards” will continue, so if you find yourself being redirected, try to leave your emotions at the door and carry on regardless. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! A disagreement or problem with someone on the 10th will have you feeling sad or serious, but it also offers a chance to react differently, displaying wisdom and integrating your recent healing. For the August Leo, relationships continue to be extremely challenging, and Mercury retrograde hammers home some vital points. When power struggles or difficult people negatively effect our health or well-being, we must reconsider what is worth tolerating. Repeating patterns and intolerable situations come to a head at the beginning of February, and by the 6th you will have an opportunity to hash things out. Around the 8th you will see the bigger picture with more clarity than ever before, and finally find the words to describe your experience. Just before the New Moon on the 11th, you will feel fiercely determined to do things differently this time. Level up!

    Virgo: You will laugh when you see how all this works out, because right now it seems like everything is so up in the air. For the early Virgo born in August, the messy chaos all comes together beautifully with a crazy stroke of luck on Thursday. This Full Moon brings breakthroughs in understanding, paving the way for a healthier you. Confronting pain or problems head-on is exactly what you need to do, and Mars has your back. If you are noticing a repeating pattern, try and think back as far as you can, to the first time you felt this way. Approach with curiosity. On the 10th of February, you may experience waves of sadness, washing over you and then drifting away. Let them go. For the Virgo born in September, it’s time to face your fears and get out of your rut. Someone will present an opportunity to try something new, so take a chance. It will be fun! February brings surprises and opportunities. Around the 8th your inspiration will turn into a plan of action, and a new beginning awaits you on the 10th. For all Virgos, even when your ruling planet goes retrograde for three weeks, instead of being disruptive, it is an opportunity to catch up on paperwork and sort out your thoughts. When the Moon moves through your sign from January 30th to February 1st, emotions will be unpredictable, so watch your words. Around the first of February you will feel discouraged or maybe even depressed, but that will fade, and by the 6th you will have a breakthrough.

    Libra: Our brains are usually doing one of two things- either pursuing joy or avoiding pain- and the next two weeks are all about which one you are choosing and when. For the early Libra born in September, pursuing joy comes easier, and in doing so, new doors are opening for you. However, if you just brush off your problems rather than truly dealing with them, you will find that they chase you down, and eventually catch up, making you face them. Try not to delay the inevitable. Mercury’s retrograde journey carries the potential for your words coming back to you- so choose your words carefully. On the 10th of February, there is the potential for your comments to cut someone like a knife, or for you to be the one injured. For the Libra born in October, it is not so easy to run away from your troubles, but your ability to problem-solve is helped immensely by an angle from Mercury. By the 10th you will know exactly what you need to do. The next two weeks may feel quite uncomfortable, tempting all Libras with the desire to escape, but the challenge will be to sit with your experience rather than to run away. This feeling will be amplified when the Moon moves through your sign from the first of February to the third. When your ruler Venus joins Saturn on the 6th, it will feel like someone rained on your parade, but by the 8th you will feel like the sun came out again.

    Scorpio: The Full Moon in Leo brings you long awaited accolades or some sort of recognition for your efforts. No matter how big or small, to be thanked or to feel appreciated is a wonderful feeling! Enjoy your moment when it comes, you have worked hard and you deserve it! For the Scorpio born in October, a lucky streak continues over the next two weeks, with solid opportunities and beneficial connections. When you are excited for your day, it isn’t so hard to get up in the morning! Scorpios born in November are set to benefit from the Venus and Pluto conjunction, making breakthroughs with a therapist or a friend. Moments of feeling safe and supported will allow your thoughts and feelings to pour out, and the resulting exchange will be both fruitful and healing. Sharing what was once a debilitating fear takes the power out of it, and in doing so, your entire outlook is refreshed. When the Moon moves through your sign from the third to the 5th, all Scorpios will be affected, with emotional responses and awareness greatly heightened. Trust your intuition! Around the 6th of February you will have a new cautious approach to relationships, which feels like a safe place to be for now. As we approach the New Moon on the 11th, you will be glad you set the boundaries that you did, when a conflict confirms a gut feeling.

    Sagittarius: Get excited! The Full Moon in Leo on the 28th of January is in another fire sign, offering a lucky opportunity for you! Our November Sagittarius will have a magical networking moment, saying the right thing to the right person in their inner circle, at exactly the right time- aligning fate with opportunity. For the Sagittarius born in December, a boss or an elder that you usually don’t connect with happens to have something that you need- and working out some sort of exchange can lead to a beneficial relationship for you both. Either way, you have the magic, the talent, and the knowledge to make use of the resources and opportunities around you- through the people you know and the things you do every day. Time management is key, and so is knowing what you need. The November Sagittarius needs to be able to play more, and the December Sagittarius needs more work! You will be feeling extra emotional when the Moon moves through your sign from the 5th of February to the 7th, so be careful not to lash out at those you love. By the 8th, your headspace will clear, and you do not want to have to spend that time making apologies.

    Capricorn: When the Moon is Full on the 28th, Venus will join Pluto in the last degrees of your sign, bringing deep emotions to the surface, before moving on to Aquarius. This will be felt most by the Capricorn born in January. As this experience brings you to a place of reflection and questioning, it is also a rare opportunity to express your feelings when in safe company, in order to gain some much-needed perspective. There is a pattern in your life that you’re becoming aware of, and you just can’t put your finger on it. The insight of someone wise will shine a light on what you cannot see alone. This will be an uncomfortable period, but profoundly helpful if you take advantage of it. For the Capricorn born in December, Mercury’s retrograde journey has the potential to be deeply annoying- causing problems that force you to find solutions- so do that tune-up now, fix the broken thing, before it’s a big issue that costs a lot of money. During these two weeks, you reflect on how your typical fiscal responsibility feels like such a drag, and an impediment to the pursuit of joy- but around the 10th an unexpected expense will make you glad you saved money instead of wasting it.

    Aquarius: When the Moon is full in Leo, it is being illuminated by the Sun in your sign. On the day of the Full Moon, the Sun joins Jupiter for a brief conjunction, and it’s the perfect day to make a birthday wish. This lucky day invites you to cast away all doubt and fear, and ask for your heart’s truest desire. Beyond accomplishments, things, or stuff- what is the feeling behind your wish? Focus on that- make that core feeling your request, and allow the universe take care of the details. For the early Aquarius born in January, pain is motivating you, and although that is deeply uncomfortable, you are learning to have faith in yourself. You become your own worst enemy when you let your negativity get the best of you. For the Aquarius born in February, it’s time to clear out your headspace. How you define yourself is partly your own opinions, but you are also carrying outdated opinions of others around, and some are past their expiration dates. Time to clear out your mental shelves and throw away the trash. For all Aquarians, February begins with the Sun squaring Mars, making progress feel slow and often impeded. Mercury retrograde in your sign for the next three weeks asks you to be patient and go with the flow. On the 6th, you will understand the reason for the delays, and realize it was all perfect timing. On February 11th, a New Moon in your sign marks a fresh start and a brand-new beginning, as well as a brand-new you.

    Pisces: Being as deeply sensitive as you are can feel like both a blessing and a curse. When something in your deep subconscious is nagging at you, you cannot ignore it- your body will begin to resonate the same message. The Full Moon in Leo on the 28th highlights the connection between your headspace and your health, and asks you to give yourself a “check-up”. For the early Pisces born in February, you may notice a minor sore throat and be tempted to ignore it- but your body is a tuning fork, and if something is off, you need to tend to it right away. Remember, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so be sure to drink lots of water and get as much sleep as you can. For the March Pisces, emotions and memories feel deeply woven together, and when reminiscing, you may find yourself inspired to reach out to your greater community with compassion. The world needs you and your wisdom! The next two weeks between Full Moon and New Moon carry themes of awareness for all Pisces- guiding you to walk your highest path, be mindful of your contributions, and considerate with your words. A potential trap of Mercury’s retrograde journey is to get lost in gossip or secrets, only to experience consequences soon after- the karma of having your words return to you through another source. If you speak in a way that it does not matter who hears you, you will never have to worry about this problem.

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