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    Sometimes we get signs from spirits and these signs involve a third party person on earth who brings the sign

    For example, someone asks for the sign of pink flowers, and randomly a lady will come up to them and give them pink flowers

    The people that are involved in bringing these signs forth – are they real people? Or angels in disguise? If we stop these people and ask them how they got the flowers, what actions of theirs led to the sign etc, what answers would we get?

    Sometimes people even see EXACT replicas of their deceased loved ones as humans in public

    Instead of a general conclusion like "The universe works in mysterious ways", let's actually think about this and how the mechanism might work.

    If I ask for a sign of pink flowers at 5:00 PM and the person got their pink flowers before I asked my sign at 2:00 PM. Did the Universe know I will ask for a sign, or did the Universe just "search" for the closest and easiest way to get me the pink flowers. If the person was around, they got a thought in their head to give them to me. If the person wasn't around, then maybe the Universe would have used some other method?

    As a bonus question, have you ever "confronted" one of these sign bearers?

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