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Forums Forums Mediums I see signs and feel the presence of my deceased 7-year old daughter. How can I strengthen my communication with her?

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    My beautiful little girl died tragically in an accident three weeks ago. It is a severe nightmare. Oddly, there have been dozens of signs that are too coincidental and improbable in their totality to be random chance, and on several occasions I’ve felt her presence, including a couple detailed, bright, colorful, euphoric dreams that she’s showed me where she has gone and what she’s doing. Others who have been with me have witnessed many of the signs, and some have described her presence at my home while they were here helping us. There’s just so much that has occurred I can’t help but believe this is legitimate spiritual communication, and I likely missed some initial signs because I wasn’t “in tune” with looking for them.

    I’ve never been a real spiritual or religious person prior to this. I’ve also never lost anyone I was super close to… grandparents have passed on but I never really had a chance to develop a close bond. Both my parents are alive as are all my siblings.

    My question is, what are others’ experiences with this? Is after death communication common and real, or is this my consciousness finding a way to cope with extreme heartbreak and grief? Many of the signs are just too miraculous to be random occurrences so it’s actually harder for me to believe my sweet little girl is not communicating.

    I would also appreciate any examples or personal experiences from others who have had communication with spirits of deceased loved ones.

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