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    Context: this happened nearly a year ago, when I 20F was on holiday. I was staying in my home country with my grandparents. I finished high school nearly 3 years ago

    I dreamt of a guy (21M) I knew from high school. We weren’t close at all but we knew eachother and we are still mutuals on social media.

    In the dream we were in high school painting two women. He was so sweet to me like it was so lovey. Anyway, after that he walked me home, and gave me a hug when he dropped me off. I honestly can say it felt so real, I was actually shocked when I woke up. But obviously I didn’t care about it because I thought it was just random.

    A few days later I became obsessed with the name Raven. I don’t know why I was basically hearing it every where, even telling my sister I’d name my child that name because of how much I like it ( I don’t like it anymore it was just in the moment).

    And like a week later he posted a picture with his new girlfriend and her name is raven…

    Isn’t that such a weird coincidence ????
    Can someone give me theories like why did this happen

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