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    hi guys! i have a question about a reversed lovers card and i’d love to hear what u guys think! i’ve included some context as well as my personal thoughts and interpretation of the card.
    context: i’m using a new deck and i’ve pulled lovers twice this week. the first time i pulled it, i got into an argument with my girlfriend hours later. the next day, i pulled an ace of pentacles, and not even a day later i found out i had to move apartments and got an internship opportunity i was hoping for, which really made me feel as if this deck was very accurate and new beginnings were in store. today, i pulled reverse lovers again.
    interpretation: my girlfriend has been struggling with mental health issues and i think this card is calling on us to communicate more openly and maintain the balance of our energies, as i’ve been more communicative. however, we resolved a lot of our troubles last night and i feel much better after that, so i’m not sure what pulling a reverse lovers again could mean (maybe it refers to self love)? i’d love to hear further opinions and thoughts on this card. thanks!

  • lovers reversed

    HeadbangingLostSoul updated 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 3 Replies
  • honorthecrones

    February 9, 2021 at 7:30 am

    The Lovers card refers to the concept of combining energies, perspectives and elements in order to create. A successful relationship, business, project is seldom created solo. It is generally a group effort. Being in a partnership means you need to know when to assert yourself and when to give in. It’s a balance. Relationships work when they are in balance.

    The lovers reversed usually means that somehow, things have gotten out of balance. One of you is setting the tone for the relationship and the other’s job is compliance. I would take it as advice to think over what really happened in your conversation with your gf. Did both of you really get heard? Was the resolution fair to both of you or is one party being made to feel that they bear the majority of the burden to understand and comply?

    Depending on the position of the card, it may be referring to the past, present or future of your relationship but, that’s my take on it.

  • rusty_bean

    February 9, 2021 at 7:30 am

    The lovers typically does resemble a union of a relationship of sorts. When it’s in the reversal, I usually interpret it as a break in the union or some type of negative tension within a specific union. My guess is that sometimes, the energy could be lingering in the deck from the previous pulls so that is why. Or maybe there is potentially still some unresolved tension within the relationship that hasn’t been addressed yet.

  • HeadbangingLostSoul

    February 9, 2021 at 7:30 am

    The desire to return things to the way they were before. Longing for the idyllic state of Eden. Wishing you had never tasted the apple in the Garden. Wishing you did not know and were never responsible.

    Dividing good from evil, one from another, yet longing to have things whole again. Agitation through compulsive desires. Itches that can never be scratched. The irritable desire to stop desiring things. The Buddhist monk who chases his tail craving enlightenment, when the pathway to enlightenment is to stop craving. Seeking comfort through escapism because one lacks satisfaction in the moment. The Tree of Life reversed. The God principle inverted. The dark side of the Serpent. The hidden face of Lucifer Morningstar, aspected as Satan. Bondage through one’s own unresolved inner nature.

    Beautiful ideals that cannot be reconciled with the cold hard truth. Earnest passions colliding with the cynical reality. Adversity, demanding a total paradigm shift in order to surmount the barriers. Being asked to change your own fundamental priorities so the dynamic can evolve into something new and even more wonderful. Having the facts brought to your attention so you can recalibrate your perspective. Suffering in the name of a dream you could never let go of in a million years. Imagining a better future, while toiling for it in the dirt today. Sticking through hate and spite in the name of love. All the difficulty and stress that comes from true passion.

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