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    Missing cat

    My cat has been missing for the last three days.
    I copied another users spread looking for their missing cat, who was later found. It is in a funky spiral. Hoping for some interpretation or comment if something sticks out to you. Or give an alternate spread to use. The deck i used is just the generic cat tarot deck my friend gave to me it’s all i have to work with.
    (1-4=Middle to left) (4-8 Middle to right)

    1. where is she now(location
    2. where is she now (environment
    3. what am i doing that interferes with me finding her
    4. what is she doing that interferes with her finding me
    5. how can i improve my chances of finding her
    6. when is the best time to find her
    7. what is the best way to look for her
    8. our home

    9. five of wands

    10. queen of pentacles

    11. reversed eight of pentacles

    12. reversed empress

    13. the sun

    14. six of pentacles

    15. ten of wants
      8 reversed death

    I have made flyers, contacted shelters, vets, animal control, the PD, talked to neighbors, and posted her picture on the local lost animal fb page. This is kind of my last resort. With this post I am hoping for answers and also knowing if i should begin to try to move on or hold on hope. A response to my facebook post was concerning mentioning a ran over black and white cat on a road close to where i lived. I have drove out and around countless times and haven’t seen anything that resembles anything that’s been ran over. I don’t know what to think and I miss my best friend. PLS HELP ME FIND HER :,(

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