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    We drive by it all the time. She’s wanted to go in there since the first time she noticed it was there, literally excited. She just turned 5. I told her what it was, that there were bodies buried under each statue, that the bodies were people who lived a long time ago. It’s still open with new sites available, but it’s also a historical site as well… I’m thinking that it’d be too odd if I actually let her go in, plus I don’t want anything to attach to her or anything like that. Why does she want this? Any of you have this experience? Should I take her? Idk … Makes me feel a bit scared for her, but then I feel silly AF for that. Idk, is something calling to her?

  • My daughter wants to go to a specific cemetery

     OkStop248 updated 1 year, 1 month ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
  • deadflowers76

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    maybe it seems familiar to her? some kids have an uncanny ability to describe/remember things from what sound like past lives (whether you believe in that or not). would be interesting to see if she naturally gravitates towards certain graves. And as far as things attaching themselves to her, I think clearly setting an intention before you enter and as you exit would be helpful. you could turn it into a fun little tradition/ritual for you two where you embark on an adventure together with the intention to explore and learn, while acknowledging and showing reverence to the spirits/energy that inhabit the space. on your way out, take a moment to express gratitude to the space and clearly state that you do not want anything to follow you out. that should ward off any hitchhikers, plus you get to teach your daughter how good it feels to sit in gratitude. 🙂

  • OkStop248

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Thank you guys! Ok, I’ll take her. She just asked again lol

  • Stanislav911

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    When my daughter was 5 years old, she too suddenly wanted to visit an old cemetery where the tombstones of past centuries still stood, overgrown with moss or half-destroyed. In the center of this cemetery grew a huge and tall tree, a very old oak with wide-spreading branches that covered most of the abandoned cemetery. She walked for among these dilapidated slabs, stopping sometimes thoughtfully and then walking on again, where I, like you, explained to her what this place was all about. I am a very sensitive person, especially as far as the world of the dead is concerned, but that day, the place I felt was safe for a short walk there, and I let her walk there. I could feel the slight pressure of this strange experience on her for the first time in her life. After maybe 30 minutes, I felt the need to get out of there and we left. The next year and the year after that she also asked to go there and we would go for short periods when I felt safe. Sometimes I felt it wasn’t safe to go there and we didn’t go. Then that desire of hers went away for good and she never went.
    In all of this I only see it as an experience for her. When I was as old as she was, I thought we were immortal beings and it really shocked me when I first saw death and realized that people die. Well, it was also the first time she knew and saw that people die and it’s just an experience.

  • GtrPlaynFool

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Your fear can be an issue. Either it may keep her from growing in a particular direction or it (the fear itself) can introduce new sets of problems or attract negative circumstances.
    Personally I would take her and just see what she does and how she reacts. I’ve been attracted to cemeteries both before and after my spiritual awakening/rebirth. I was disrespectful before and now have the utmost respect. Perhaps it’s an opportunity for you to teach her the respect for the dead.

  • magnoliaREADINGS

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    I’m a mother too, and I start by saying that you should talk to your children **about absolutely everything in life**, not just that.

    As for her showing an interest in a specific cemetery representing something more serious, rest assured. Children are easily susceptible to any bullshit they hear. Youtubers, conversations from neighbors, there are a million ports of information that may have “triggered the idea” in your daughter’s little head.

    As for taking her or not, it is a private decision, which must be taken after the first advice I gave above: *a deep and sensitive conversation.* Decide together whether to go or not.

    **Important note:** only make this visit if you are clear about what I am saying, and freed from the silly fears that you have allowed to rent your mind. Otherwise, if you are still afraid, the experience will be agonizing. The issue is much more about you than your daughter (*remember that*), she’s just an innocent little angel in this world, you’re the one making a big deal out of this.

    Rest assured, and know that soon the issue will be resolved.

    ***A kiss for you and your daughter.***

  • RicottaPuffs

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    I passed a specific cemetery with a pioneers section in it as a child. (I was in the back of a car.) I found the monuments to be very touching and beautiful.

    One in particular drew my attention, and it was the only angel statuary in any location that was absolutely beautiful, with no creepy vibes.

    One day, I asked my mother to drive in to see her, as we were alone in the car. We both agreed she was lovely.

    My mother created an analogy which I used to teach and comfort my students for many years. She said cemeteries are places where deceased bodies are placed with love. The bodies are like discarded peanut shells, and the souls are the peanuts, which leave their old shells behind.

    Children are curious and attracted to cemeteries for reasons that aren’t related to fear.

    Maybe the monuments attract her.

  • OutlawHeart82

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    I don’t believe in past lives or anything but maybe it just looks interesting. I used to love old civil war cemeteries when i was younger. For some reason I thought the soldiers were hiding behind the stones and that they would jump out at me if I got too close haha

  • TheMoonIsAHarshMiss

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Your question is, is anything calling to her. It isn’t. I looked and there is nothing there.

    On another note. It’s fine to visit cemeteries generally. There’s nothing bad there, just the human fear we hold of dying, cemeteries are evidence of our mortality. They tend to have nice flowers and poignant reminders of people’s lives and loves written on the stones.

    Taking a step back, most spirits go ‘up’. Some stay around favourite places, or even the place of their death if they are a bit confused by a sudden passing, say an accident. Most keep an eye on loved ones and friends. I certainly don’t aim to hang around some cemetery I have never been to when I pass over, do you? Why would I? Why would anyone?

    Lastly, why would you think anything would attach to her, ever anywhere? It’s incredibly rare, but not so rare amongst those who invite it. If you are doing any practices, always start and end with shielding or use those from a tradition where they have their own spiritual protectors. Don’t go opening up without instruction from someone reliable.

    Enjoy your walk! 🙂

  • ScoopMeUpPlease

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Kids get interested in death and scary things. I think they realize it’s an unknown and are curious but don’t know a “normal” way to learn about it so they want to do things like that

  • OkStop248

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Hindrance or negative pole**

  • AngelikaVee999

    May 27, 2023 at 1:19 am

    Don’t take her! She’s just being a curious child.

    It’s best she learns now that she shouldn’t trust anything that tries to lure her in. Because we as adults know that it’s almost always a trap! A lesson similar to telling your child not to go with random people.

    Evil spirits are master manipulators. Good spirits are not the ones to be stuck on this plane and they wouldn’t lure her in! They are good in heaven lol, or busy with their own business (protecting their loved ones). They have no need for a child.

    edit: I see many people encouraging you to go. But why would you go? What could be the benefits of it and what could be the negatives of it? I don’t feel like there is anything to gain from going…

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