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Forums Forums Magic, Witchcraft and Healing need clarification about directing energy for spells

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    so i watched some vids on how to ground and center, but then you’re supposed to “direct the energy for the spell”

    where do you direct it? into the objects used in the spell? how do you direct it into them? is it more that you just ground and center then it’s kind of automatically directed into it by your intention?

  • need clarification about directing energy for spells

  • redneckgymrat

    September 17, 2023 at 10:03 pm

    The answer to your question is, technically, it depends.

    It depends on what you’re doing.

    Here’s one that’s easy to understand. I’m a healer. If I’m healing someone, obviously I direct the energy into them. Into their injury, specifically.

    Nowhere else would make sense.

  • pbstrokes

    September 17, 2023 at 10:03 pm

    Once you ground and center, think about where your ‘energy’ is. Which parts of your body feel relaxed, which parts maybe feel some pain or a pinch or soreness, which parts feel connected, which parts attract your attention. Settle on the part of your body attracting the most attention. Then, imagine the feeling of that body part, that is attracting your attention, beginning to spread out to other parts of the body. You can think of it as radiating, or flowing, or cycling, whatever works. Just notice the subtle changes, in how you feel, and how you think, as you go through this process, and you feel the energy rise.

    ‘Directing your energy’ is asking you to take that process and gently nudge it towards a result. If you are charging an object, you’re going to take this feeling of energy you’ve cultivated and you’re going to think of it extending into the object you’re charging. Of either transferring your own energy to it or building up a similar energy inside of it. If you are trying to make something out in the world happen (pick up $20, find a new job, whatever), you’re going to take this energetic feeling and use it to concentrate on your intention, or the feelings you will be having when your intention is realized. If the spell is personal, internal, about your own magic and growth, then just keep developing the energy inside of you, and gift it back to the space/your circle/the Earth when you are done.

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