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    What would you look for in predictive astrology for the collective to see what the dominant musical or cultural tastes would be? Could you pull the transits for a specific country to see the effect?

    This is from an American Millennial perspective. This could vary elsewhere. It seems like the status quo of ideas and culture tends to swing back and forth between more conservative and more progressive. More “real” and creative swings back to polished and mass produced. We look generally at the 50s and early 60s and we see this more polished style of dress and music and aesthetic. It becomes a bit stale and repetitive eventually (as most things do). Then we swing into the late 60s and 70s which brings on a more down to earth style. More creativity and expression. Then we go back to the 80s which is more glam, consumerist, stylized. The music generally became less authentic and carbon copy. Materialist. Then we swing back into that rebellious, authentic “real” energy in the 90s with Nirvana and Tupac. Lots of variety. And then we enter into bubblegum pop, mainstream rap and r&b and a more “perfect” image. And more materialist. You might be able to argue that the rock of the late 2000s was an embracing of the weird/creative side. Emotions expressed in music.

    Are we starting to swing back into a more authentic expression at all? There’s an emphasis on organic/natural products and less airbrushing. But are the arts and culture expressing this? Are we overdue? Does astrology indicate that this is coming? For me, it seems that so many of us are angry, fed up, and desiring change. Covid is exposing a lot of things. But when I look at the music of the time, it doesn’t express this. It seems like we are still stuck in this “fun” side of excess and carefully crafted images. It’s getting stale. With the general mood, I would expect a return to something akin to Pantera, Tupac (I’m thinking like Changes), Rage Against The Machine. Just an explosion of expression of the frustration (and sometimes hopelessness) we feel. Is it there in the mainstream and I’m not seeing it?

    In order to bring this back to astrology, I’ll take a look at the [transits]( for September 10th 1991. This was the day Smells Like Teen Spirit was released. I can see that Saturn was in Aquarius, which it is now. Neptune was also sextile Pluto which we are currently experiencing right now. At the time, Pluto was in Scorpio in the 1st house. This is obviously going to have the themes of drastic change of identity and exposing things with how we look. Uranus in the 3rd house indicates the desire to express yourself uniquely and innovation in ideas. Free thinking. These are just a few things I noticed taking a glance at the chart.

    For reference, [here]( is a chart of the day the LA Race Riots began (around the same time as well). We see similar themes today with police killings. Do we see any similarities in this chart? [Here]( is also the chart of the Human Be-In which sort of sprung the summer of love in the 60s.

    What would you look for in a chart of the times to see where music/the arts were headed? What does the current planetary alignment show?

  • Predicting cultural tastes with astrology?

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  • yinay727

    February 2, 2021 at 8:40 am

    It’s an interesting question for sure. I would raise two non-astrological points about dominant culture.

    First, is what’s popular really representative of the people’s tastes? The media tends to represent media consumption as more representative than it is. For example, the Superbowl is watched by about 33% of households, but the media talks about it like its closer to 100%. What’s popular is not that popular, but it could also be that popular tastes are more influenced by cultural gatekeepers (record execs, for example) than the public.

    Second, is the narrative about the past really accurate? For example, opposition to the Vietnam War is remembered as youth culture rejecting the draft. In reality, polls at the time showed that young people were more likely to support the war than older people. That narrative was created from images of a few young people burning their draft cards, but they were not representative of their age group.

  • AmNotARobot123

    February 2, 2021 at 8:40 am

    Pluto in the signs kind of fits. Look at my posts

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