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    For years I have felt out of my body, like my soul didn't belong. I can remember since I was a young child having dreams from different people's perspectives like a soldier,accused witch etc. I can sense things around me, I can remember going through a rough time with anxiety which caused me not to go to school. Me and my mom went to visit her friend who is clairvoyant. When we arrived, without explanation she said 'M granddad says I can see people' which is weird because I never old people before I can see shadow people and colored outline's around people(Even weirder is my granddad has been dead for a couple years).My Mom's friend says I have a 'gift'. It came back to me in the car ride home randomly, one of these weird sorrows of sadness. I heard in the back of my head a voice which was saying random words, I was confused until I looked online. It turns out all the words added up and was talking about some even when a bunch of people passed. I was wondering if this 'gift' my Mom's friend was talking about is I've somehow lived a couple lives or I've either always been insane. Is this a sign and if so does anyone know what it is, please I'm so desperate!

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