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    I was doing a reading for my friend about their studies in university with the spread Situation/Obstacle/Advice and got King of Swords/High Priestess/8 of Swords.
    As a beginner in tarot I interpreted it that they are in a situation where they’re not afraid to make decisions, there’s mental clarity and they’re true to themselves but they tend to attach very much to logic that they forget to follow their gut and intuition. They shy away from the latter and act very strictly accordingly to what they think-and not feel- that it’s right.
    My problem is the advice card. Usually I’d interpret the 8oS as needing to stay put and accept that you’re stuck in that situation. But I didn’t. Because they got the High Priestess as an obstacle while being the King of Swords, I decided to interpret the 8oS as a need to realise that your own decisions have trapped you but there is a way out. Realise that you and only you have put yourself in this situation and that you can easily walk away from it. The prison that you may think you are in is not really that tight.
    Was I right to follow that kind of interpretation for 8oS? What do you think?

    Deck used: Biano Nero
    Creator: Marco Proietto & Arwen Lynch

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  • Zombieinyourhead

    February 9, 2021 at 7:04 am

    That is how I’d read it! I would add, “This is an opportunity for you to spend some time digging deep into your emotions to discover how you feel about the academic path you’re on. You don’t have to take the path that makes the most logical sense if it leaves you feeling trapped or like you didn’t choose to be there. Making good decisions involves both what makes sense and what you can live with.”

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