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Forums Forums Tarot The Emperor is Tzaddi צ and The Star is Heh ה or viceversa? What do you think?

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    Hello! I’m back with another symbolic correspondence discussion. As you know I’m designing my own tarot deck and I want to have a general consensus on these correspondences (or at least try).

    I know that the Golden Dawn attributed Heh ה to The Emperor, and Tzaddi צ to The Star, but… what do you think? Is this correct or is it more like how Crowley inverted them for his Thot Tarot? I know that Heh is the “Window or Sight” so I can totally understand the vision of Crowley on assigning this to The Star, but I don’t know if maybe the Golden Dawn was correct and The Star is more like the Tzaddi “Fishhook”, Please let me know what do you think, since I’m not familiar with this qabalistic aspect of the Tarot. Thank you!

    **EXTRA: Please let me know which planet do you think aligns best with The Emperor: Mars or Jupiter? i’m curious to read your thoughts.**


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