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    The heart is the key to the ascension pathway

    Did you know that when you come from your heart energy centre, not only does your cortisol levels drop (the chemical that comes from your fight or flight responses) but your IGA or immunoglobulin A goes through the roof. This is more potent than what any inoculation could give you. IGA is our primary defence against viruses and bacteria. To reach this optimum level of antibodies, you can achieve this in as little as 4-5 days with a stress reduction programme like a daily mediation practice. That’s all you need to stay healthy and protected from any virus strain. I repeat, ANY!!!

    Fear is the driving force that destroys our immune system. Every negative thought or action derives from the vibration of fear. Fear hijacks our natural flow of energy in the body and creates blockages. Our personal energy field is purely information. In acupuncture, they base their form of healing on the meridian lines of energy is which they call Chi. Chi is information. When the flow of this information is not passing through the field in its most natural and harmonized state, it creates imbalances and shows up in the body as disease or discomfort both on a psychological and physical level. Our body is programmed just like a computer. Watson and Crick’s scientific revelation discovered in the early 50s disclosed that our molecular structure is made up of digital code and more specifically 1s and 0s. 1 representing positive information and the 0 representing negative information or a lack of information.

    When our bodies encounter an obstructive disruption in our own energetic field, it conforms in the same way as to how a computer gets hacked with a virus. Why? Because the information field is distorted and not free flowing. As a result of these blockages and miscommunications in its energy field, the computer runs slower. The masses of the general public have been conditioned through subconscious programming for thousands of years that the remedy to fixing our ‘faulty’ genes through this energy distortion is by changing our energy flow through pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are just codes constructed from external chemicals that tell the body what to do. They too contain a compilation of 1s and 0s which make up their own molecular structures. We produce natural chemicals in our body that do the exact same thing; we just need to learn how to trigger them.

    Belief is the choice that defines our chemical signals. It is always deciding between the 1 and the 0. There is never neutrality in the body. You’ve been told your genetics are fixed but how can that be so when your cells are regenerating and degenerating at 96 million cells every minute. The information you put into these cells continues to duplicate until you choose another frequency field to install new information within your biology. David R Hamilton PhD specialising in organ chemistry, worked for the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world when developing drugs for both cancer and cardiovascular disease. He says that for the test group you trial these drugs on, you equally need to have an identical group size that will take a placebo pill also. What he has found in his clinical studies is that just as many people recovered from the placebo as they did from the artificial drug, proving that belief is king in this holographic reality.

    Beliefs programme our autonomic system to produce the same chemicals as these pharmaceutical drugs themselves. The only difference here is that one is suppressing the underlying problem and the other is acknowledging it and overriding their internal programming consciously! Drugs are neurotoxins than manipulate our natural system to rewire our electrical signals. Who knows what they could be triggering within our body. They could potentially be designed to manipulate our body beyond the problem we’re trying to overcome. Why do we have so many side effects with these treatments? $$$ We must think, I am not a victim of my energetic activity, I am a master of controlling my biology! Everything can be controlled within.

    So how do we make sure our body is thriving, alert and ready to defend against any invading toxins. It’s simple; move into your heart space. The heart has no fear. When you have no fear, you aren’t in reactive mode. When we are in reaction mode, we trigger the reptilian part of our brain which is responsible for activating our fight or flight nervous system. Due to the perceived threat of danger causes by this trigger, the body produces cortisol to summon the most amount of energy it can in that particular moment to deal with the situation. By doing so, it takes vital energy away from our immune system leaving it exposed to invading pathogens. This is why when we become stressed, we get ill. When we choose to respond with love (and when I use that term I mean acceptance, not in a romantic sense) we can see ourselves through the eyes of someone else and we become more of an observer. This is called metacognition which activates empathy within us too. It’s what makes us human and connects us with the universe. Empathy is the failsafe mechanism for human society. When our being is relaxed through homeostasis, duality disappears and we all become one.

    The heart is bound to 5D consciousness because it sees the big picture. It is connected to everything through the universal frequency of 432hz. Its power comes in the form of intuition which is a knowing beyond the regular 5 senses, whereas the brain is focussed on one thing at a time. A study in 2011 conducted by The Medical Research Council (Cognition and Brain Science unit in Cambridge) found evidence in that people who were more in tuned with their heart, had better gut feelings. They created a card game where the logical mind couldn’t intervene with no apparent strategy involved to win other than by making decisions purely off of the participant’s feelings and hunches. All those involved wore various heart monitoring equipment. The people who were more aware of their heart beat and were better at listening to their heart made better intuitive decisions and guessed more correctly than those that weren’t so connected. The heart chakra is connected to rhythm. Rhythm is important because it constitutes the flow of energy. When energy is flowing, information can easily be detected in the surrounding environment and can be passed along with more accuracy into your own electromagnetic field for processing. The feminine energy is more tied to the energy of the heart because it is more receptive to what is; it allows. If the brain tries to control feelings from a logical perspective then the rhythm gets distorted and so does the energy flow, thus the information gets distorted too.

    Intuition when fully engaged and present connects the dots in an instant, seeing from other angles and perceptions which is key to switching off reaction (fight or flight) mode. It doesn’t require step by step logic. This deep understanding goes beyond what the brain wants to quantify. Connecting with animals without using speech is a primary example of intuition because you rely on your metaphysical energy to establish a bond of trust.

    Ancient wisdom from Egyptian Mythology talks about how the heart is the key to ascension through Anubis’s scales in the judgement stage after death. If your heart was deemed to be as light as a feather, you were granted passage into the afterlife and the higher dimensions. If your heart was heavy, your soul would be recycled to be reincarnated once again to learn how to love in every moment.

    The heart is the most powerful field in the human body and is the centre of our intelligence system; it is positioned as our middle chakra. It is electrically 60 times stronger than the brain and 5000 times stronger in its electromagnetic field. Studies have shown that the heart is able is able to think, feel and have emotions on its own. It actually sends more neurological information to the brain than the brain does to the heart. This is why there is a huge emphasis on heart- brain coherence with the heart being the primary focus. The Institute of Heartmath also make a claim that the heart’s rhythms affect the brain’s ability to process information. If the heart is not synchronized and in balance with the brain in what we call coherence, the brain starts to malfunction.

    The Elite forces know this! This is why they try to hijack this connection by instilling fear into the masses and only letting us connect with the left side of our brain. The head and more specifically, the left portion of our brain, is learned intelligence that it receives from its environment. If they can disconnect you from your heart, they can mind control people through their deceitful information streams in the form of ‘brainwashing’. The heart brain coherence is also connected to more of the right side of the brain which is more creative. The ruling bloodlines purposely and tactfully disengage us from our natural creative abilities through the mundanity of the typical 9-5 Babylonian slave system so that we get trapped in our own heads. The right side of the brain is connected to levels of vibration that extend beyond our current reality that help us make connections that our logical brain simply can’t. This is how we wake up from out of the dream!

    Awakening comes through the intuitive nature of the heart. Heart energy also can expand one’s magnetic field up to hundreds of feet in diameter. Now that the global awakening is on the rise, world governments try to limit the energetic information being passed to one another by strategically isolating us. This energy is exceedingly contagious and since energy is information, anyone connected to their heart can be influencing this frequency in hundreds if not thousands of people on a daily basis if they are in range of other’s electromagnetic fields. If these high vibrational people are allowed to interact with other’s magnetic fields, the unawakened ones are more likely to come out of their slumber and connect back with their soul. Doing so through this domino type effect would inevitably collapse the system of control by removing the veil of deception within the matrix.

    By getting the public to engage with fear based narratives in isolation instead, these authority figures behind these negative agendas stop us from connecting to the 40-100hz gamma rays that are being sent down to the planet to help us evolve and connect us with 5D consciousness. Gamma light causes dormant strands of DNA to reattach themselves to the energetic chakra points in our layered body system. The more DNA we reattach inside of this system, the more enlightened, intelligent and powerful we become.

    Fear is only a choice. Choose your energy at every moment. It all counts. Be conscious of what vibration you’re putting out as it reflects back inside of you. Whatever you do comes back to you. Emotions are just energy in motion. Fear creates disease when the body is in dis-ease. Move past the illusion and realise you are in control at all times; you choose your reality. You have everything you need already inside of you. The power has always been with you. Heart energy is the open pathway to ascension. Much love!

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