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    Bare with me. This is a long, complicated post, but I promise it will be worth it.

    **Because I think I can prove why astrology works with** ***physics.***

    Why do we have twelve signs in the zodiac?

    Traditional insight is that it’s related to the sun moving through the constellations at the time star signs were conceived. However, that has shifted because of the wobble of the Earth and how we measure time.

    Some would argue that our zodiac signs are no longer valid, yet Western astrologers beg to differ. But I think we’re not thinking about this correctly.

    Why do the signs still work and what does that mean?

    # Astrology and Physics

    We live in the third dimension, which means we can move along length, width, and height. We do not live in the fourth dimension, where you could move along length, width, height, and *time*.

    Note that you can’t change the events in the fourth dimension, but you can experience all the events of history if you were a being of the fourth dimension. However, in the third dimension we can’t move across time. We have no control over that dimension and it seems as if we’re moving towards the destined fulfillment of time. We’re conscious of the fact the fourth dimension exists even though we don’t live in it or perceive it in the same way.

    Yet astrology measures position (the third dimension) in reference to time (the fourth dimension). Where the observer was in the universe will give insight about history or the future.

    That’s the divinatory aspect of astrology. Or explanatory, if you’re looking into the past.

    Now remember that our universe was probably created by a big bang and appears to be expanding from that central point like an explosion. Everything is expanding from everything else at the same speed outside of gravitational forces.

    The observable universe is a sphere, and in the third dimension something funny happens with spheres.

    It’s called the Kissing Number.

    Imagine the sphere of the universe. Now imagine our planet, which is also a sphere (imperfect, but close enough).

    The Kissing Number is the amount of spheres of the same size that can touch a central sphere of the same size without overlapping *inside* another sphere.

    So now imagine putting spheres around the Earth. How many do you think could touch the Earth without overlapping while also fitting inside the sphere of the universe?

    *It’s twelve.*

    # The Signs Aren’t Constellations – They’re Constants

    Western astrologers haven’t abandoned the current dates for signs because they observe they are still valid even after all these years. It’s important to remember that astrology isn’t prescriptive, but descriptive, and was based off historical observations fitting a pattern.

    The constellations are just imaginary pictures in the sky that symbolize observed phenomena at the time of their inception. And my argument is that the signs were *never* based on constellations in the traditional sense. They were based off our relation to the universe from our current position in the universe in the third dimension.

    Essentially, they were based off of the twelve spheres of influence on our world – the kissing number. Or, to make it easier to understand, our relation to the universe from the moment of the big bang. And the very end of the universe.

    As our planet is expanding from everything else in the universe it has no strong gravitational pull, there is still a constant relation to the rest of the universe. Those are the zodiac signs. The planets and other moving objects in the sky (our kissing number plane) are the things in the universe which have that strong gravitational effect. So signs are the constants while the planets, for example, are the in-constants that time observes the difference of.

    I also suspect that the reason why we have 30 degrees per house is because of the Kissing Number constant of astrology. Imagine those spheres touching the Earth – the midpoint between each outside sphere is an angle of 60 degrees which was determined by physicists because it’s ***π*** /3. Pi is the relationship between the diameter and the circumference of a circle.

    Anyway, I think how and why we perceive time because of this Pi/3 phenomena. We measure time using a circle because it’s inherent to our third dimension understanding of expansion. 360 degrees to a circle which is, when divided by the Kissing Number constant in Astrology is 30 degrees per sign/house.

    # The First Three Dimensions in Astrology

    Imagine a dot. That would be the zero dimension (which doesn’t exist and is only theoretical for my description). Now imagine that dot pulling itself until it creates another dot and then it can make a line. That would be the first dimension.

    Note: dimensions are not places, but measures of existence (basically).

    In the first dimension, the only thing you can measure is line and a being in that dimension could only move in one direction. The Kissing Number is two, by the way (so two astrological influence constants). I propose that the first dimension of astrology is measured with the aspect between two points on the chart. That’s how astrology measures *length* in the first dimension and our experience of length. That’s how we measure it, but what it’s explaining is the phenomena of length between two objects in the universe.

    Now imagine you take that line and pull it until it creates a flat square. That would be the second dimension which measures length and width. In the second dimension, you would have flat shapes like circles, squares, and triangles and would experience being able to move left and right. The kissing number of this dimension is six. Interestingly, if you were a being in the second dimension what you would see would appear to be the first dimension (a line). I haven’t figured out the constants for this dimension, but perhaps the horizon and the ascending is involved as well as polarity.

    Before I propose what the second dimension of astrology is measured with, let me explain how you experience the third dimension.

    You can move length, width, and height, but what you perceive is second dimensional – an image. Just like the second dimension only perceives a line.

    That’s why when we design astrology charts we use first and second dimensional constructs because that’s what we see – a horizon (line + shapes).

    Anyway, the second dimension is measured in astrology using shapes like major aspect patterns, but also the other second dimensional shapes of houses and signs. Because those are the shapes in the sky we see (length + width).

    However, the third dimension also has position – which is the observer (the Earth) seeing only the first and second dimension while also *experiencing* the third dimension’s position.

    Our freewill is our position in the universe. Because it’s the only measurement which is uniquely ours and which we uniquely experience. You can’t experience the first and second dimension in the same way. You don’t control your length and width, for example in the same sense you can control your position (or rather, the universe in the third dimension controls your position).

    # The Fourth Dimension and Astrology

    Our interest in astrology isn’t merely length, width, and position, but also time.

    Now if a fourth dimensional being can observe the first three dimensions (seeing our entire universe), than that means the observer is the measurement of time. They can’t change what happens in time, but they can change where they are in time… something we can’t.

    Astrology measures the fourth dimension because it captures the length, width, and position of the first three dimensions for a third dimensional being. We can then use mathematics to determine different positions in the universe *and thus*, because of the expansion of the universe being time in the fourth dimension, we can predict the past or the future and thus change our position with more freedom than we could otherwise.

    Example: Mars is planning to fuck up your day? Don’t let yourself be in a *position* in the third dimension which will cause the more negative thing to happen. Move and change the effect of the gravitational in-constants on your person using their reference to the expansion of the Kissing Number constant.

    What’s the kissing number for the fourth dimension? 24. Which reminds me of 24 hours to the day. I’m just saying… we measure time a certain way for a reason.

    # TL;DR

    Astrology isn’t pseudo-science. It’s physics through the measurement of length, width, height, and time using first and second dimensional concepts through the observer (the native of any chart) of the third dimension. Because our universe is expanding, even though we can’t control where we are on time, we can use the math of astrology to determine the past or the future using different possible positions in space across theorized time.

  • The Kissing Number of Astrology

    The_Vermillion_Duke updated 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 11 Replies
  • AnnieLangTheGreat

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    I think that the simulation theory explains Astrology better. We’re in a simulation, and you can reverse engineer your starting stats from the time you spawned, if you know how.

  • Tanooosh

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    I think I understood 30% of this, but for sure you onto something here.

  • badrattus

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    Wowee this is fascinating. I don’t know much about physics but I really feel like scientists in the future will be exploring this more. I wonder what that nasa engineer who is also an astrologer would make of this theory?

    So how would you go about changing your position? I didn’t quite understand the last sentence in the example. I’m still an amateur but I’ve seen some people say they would embody the planet’s energy so it is being channeled in a more preferred way. Or would you just unalign yourself from the unwanted possible situation?

  • riyaestrella

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    It amazes me how people don’t believe in astrology. You mentioned pi and it reminded me of something a read a while back regarding the Great Pyramid of Giza. The ancient Egyptians had so much knowledge about astronomy/astrology, and math it’s unreal that anyone questions astrology ugh.

    Did you know the main 3 (look at that, the number 3 again, I wonder why haha) pyramids mimic Orion’s belt in size and arrangement? They’re time coded to form a perfect alignment with other stars, but only in 10,450 b.c. (I really wish I knew the significance of this date because it had to be epic).

    The Great Pyramid’s perimeter to height ratio is exactly 2 pi…the pi constant in mathematics wasn’t discovered until way later. The base length of the Pyramid x 43,200 is equal to the equatorial circumference of the Earth; the height x 43,200 is equal to Earth’s polar radius; 4,320 is the number of years for Earth to move through two zodiac signs, or 1/6 of the precession of the equinoxes (25,000 year cycle).

    The location of the Pyramid is located at the exact center of Earth’s landmass. The sides of the Pyramid are slightly and evenly bowed in, and it precisely duplicates the circumference of the Earth. Basically, Egyptians had the best view of the sky that you could possibly have anywhere on Earth from what it seems AND they were smart AF and designed their whole existence around it.

    You’re def onto something.

  • LazyWriter64

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    Wow, this blew my mind.

  • K-pop-Unicorn

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    My head hurts now

  • Hard-Number

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am


  • hydrobloquant

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    There are some inaccuracies in your reasoning. First the observable universe is not a sphere, we know, with a small margin of error, that the universe is flat and infinite in all 3 dimensions.
    The universe does not extend from a center, because it has no center. Each point moves away from each point in all dimensions, except if a force (eg, gravity) is stronger.
    You seem to assume that the time dimension is independent from the others 3, which is not the case. The time is depending on the observer in the 3 spatial dimensions. In cosmology the comoving coordinates are usually used, not the classic Euclidean ones.

    Regarding the kissing number, indeed there are 12 spheres in 3 dimensions, but it does not map to the signs. When projecting the 12 spheres on the ecliptic you don’t get 12 distinct parts. How does the sphere connected to the poles of earth project on the ecliptic for you?

    I don’t understand how you relate the kissing number to the passing of time, it does not make sense to me.

  • throwaway36373637777

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    Woaaah really?

  • Moxiemixtape

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    If you wrote a book about this, I would read it. Are you an astrologer and physicist? I have often found esoteric connections between quantum physics and astrology so this is just so interesting to me!

  • The_Vermillion_Duke

    February 2, 2021 at 4:45 am

    I don’t mean to be rude but it’s very obvious you aren’t a physicist or mathematician and don’t understand the concepts you’re talking about very deeply. Here’s a point by point critique of your arguments.

    These 4 dimensions you are using are the Einstein defined ones, which are also proven to be 3 dimensional. The 4th dimension of time isn’t a real thing, it’s a hollywood and pop science concept. Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is something you may have heard of which states that Space and Time are inseparable. This is because time is just the change in space. Even if you were correct here, we can move through time, not willingly and freely but we are constantly experiencing change in a linear manner, moving forward in time, but again the fourth dimension you describe does not exist.

    You unknowingly contradict yourself in paragraph 5, the idea that everything is expanding away from everything else is recent evidence AGAINST the big bang.

    The observable universe is a sphere because the distance we can see in any direction is the radius. This is not significant. The observable universe will always be a sphere unless one direction is blocked or we hit an “edge”. The universe itself may or may not be a sphere, and if it is the random importance you place on that confuses me.

    In the next section you make the argument that the gravitational pull on us is significant, which is a very very asonine statement as it shows a lack of understanding of the significance of this gravitation

    The force of gravity upon an object acted upon by another object can be modelled using the formula F=(G(m1xm2))/r. F being the force, G the Gravitational Constant, M1 and 2 being the masses of the respective objects, and R being the radius, or distance between the objects. Because we are talking about the effect on a person on the surface of the earth I will use the center of earth as the marker, because it is rotating constantly and because it’s (very approximately) a mean estimate for the location of every human (assuming they’re evenly spread-which they’re not). I am using this [Website]( to estimate the maximum distance between Earth and Jupiter (note the maximum and minimum distances have been different throughout time but a sampling of 5 years is good enough for me, especially considering how little difference it actually makes to the effect) The closest Earth has gotten/will get to Jupiter from 1900 to 2100 is 591 million miles, the farthest I’m estimating using the graph on the website because I couldn’t find it readily available is 920 million miles. I’m rounding these to 920 million and 590 million respectively. The Mass of Jupiter is 1.898 × 10^27 kg. The mAss of an average human being varies significantly but (apparently) is 136 lbs (note that it’s 178 lbs in North America, where I’m guessing most people on this sub are from). In kilos that 62 and 80. I’m using the average mass of the world being 62 kilograms. Putting these into the formula for calculating the force we get the force when Jupiter is closest to earth upon a human being Fnearest= (6.67×10^-11)(((62)(1.898×10^27))/(590000000000))=1.33×10^-9, when Jupiter is farthest away it is Ffarthest= (6.67×10^-11)(((62)(1.898×10^27))/(920000000000)=8.53×10^-10. The difference between these two forces is 4.77×10^-10 newtons. For context a pregnant mother walking up stairs would (Im guessing but here’s a link for context [Running and Walking Estimates in Newtons]( Would be 1000 newtons in force per step. This means if your mother has stairs in her house, or works somewhere with just a few steps each step will have a 2000000000000 more influence on your fetal self than Jupiter’s position, which is the planet with the most gravitational influence on earth. If you are going to say the forces play a role in personality formation you have to consider if your mother drives or walks an incredible amount more than you do the forces of the planets. You can say that the planets affect personality from a spiritual or religious perspective, but this kind of pseudo-science is ridiculous.

    The argument about the 60 degree stuff also confuses me, because to be equidistant on a circle, 12 sections need to be 30 degree’s apart 360/12 is 30. Again not related to the kissing number. Also a pet peeve is that physicists did not determine this, mathematicians did.

    Finally, as stated before, unless you have some spiritual affiliation with the planets, mars will not fuck up your day in any way at all. And to change these already minuscule gravitational forces you would have to move to Hawaii or Antartica, not focusing your mind or anything physical.

    Edit: Sorry if some parts sound harsh I’m just annoyed by a combination of lack of understanding and total willingness to believe this on the part of the commenters. I’m undecided on astrology but I do see certain trends, but the arguments I’ve heard trying to prove it using science are never backed up by any evidence or math, and it can be grating to see how easily people believe it or go along with it without understanding.

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