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  • To Stop Gossip, or, the STFU Spell

  • mickle_caunle

    March 21, 2023 at 10:08 am

    This is a rather simple spell that can be used in any situation where gossip, rumours, or backbiting are a problem. It’s great to use if you have a situation where someone is spreading lies in order to harm your reputation or to negatively impact how others see you. It can be used regardless of the source(s) of gossip, be they co-workers, in-laws, exes, etc. On the sliding scale of defensive-to-aggressive types of stop gossip work, this spell is much more on the defensive/protective side of things.

    The spell combines a simple candle burning spell and culminates in the creation of a talisman for stopping gossip. It also includes an optional, simple bathing rite to precede the spellwork. Further explanation of the hows and whys of the spell, as well as suggestions for things like timing, will be included in the Notes section.

    # **Necessary Spell Components**

    * A white taper candle (a 4” chime candle or a 6” taper work great)
    * Stop Gossip-type ritual oil (other names include Shut Up, STFU, Tapa Boca, San Ramón, etc.)
    * A mini padlock with key (these are often used to lock the zippers of luggage at airports, etc.)
    * A candle holder.
    * Matches or a lighter.
    * A bag of Throat Coat-type tea (**optional**, but recommended; other names include Throat Ease, Sore Throat, Throat Comfort, etc.)

    # **The Spell**

    If you choose to take the optional ritual bath, brew a strong cup of the tea in boiling water. When the tea has cooled to being comfortably warm (**and not hot or boiling**), take it into the tub or shower with you. Shower or bathe and then pour the cooled tea over your body while praying to be protected from all gossip, lies, and rumours. Repeat the pouring and praying a total of nine times, before drying off and proceeding with the rest of your spell.

    Take the rest of the spell components to your altar or the place where you burn your candles. Dress the candle in the Stop Gossip-type oil while concentrating on your desire for all gossip and rumours to cease. Set the candle in the holder. Take the key for the mini padlock and dress it in the oil as well. Place it underneath the candle. If the candle becomes unstable, place the key underneath an overturned saucer, and place the candle on top of the saucer in its holder.

    Take the **open** padlock and dress it with a bit of the oil, concentrating on your desire to be free from all gossip and rumours as before. Place the open padlock in front of the candle.

    Light the candle and pray for all gossip, lies, rumours, slander, and backbiting to completely cease. Focus strongly on your intention while you gaze into the flame of the candle, visualizing what you desire. When you feel that the moment is right, take up the mini padlock. Close the padlock locked with conviction and resolution while saying the following:

    > **Thus, I shut the mouths of all who would speak ill of me!**

    Return the now-locked padlock to its place before the candle, and allow the candle to finish burning. When it’s finished burning, dispose of all the spell components *except for the locked padlock*. The candle wax, mini padlock key, and possibly any used matches or teabag should all be disposed of. By disposing of the key, the padlock can never be unlocked, and thus symbolically, the mouths of those who would speak ill of you may never open.

    From now on, keep the locked mini padlock on you, especially if you must be around or interact with those who gossip or speak ill of you. From time to time, dress the mini padlock with the ritual oil and pray over it as before so that it keeps working strongly for you.

    # **Notes**

    If time is not pressing, you might like to perform this spell on a Saturday, during the waning phase of the Moon, during an hour of Saturn. Planetary hours for date and location can be calculated [here](

    In a number of traditions, spells that are meant to stop gossip include herbs that have a soothing effect on the throat. This is the reason why the specific type of tea is suggested. Throat Coat tea often contains **slippery elm bark** – an excellent stop gossip herb – and very often also **licorice root** – which is excellent for controlling a situation and gaining the upper hand.

    As the nuts and bolts of this spell come from Mexican brujería, Roman Catholics who perform it may wish to petition San Ramón Nonato. San Ramón Nonato (St. Raymond Nonnatus) is the patron saint of pregnant people, midwives, and newborns but *also* the confidentiality of confession. For this latter reason, statues of San Ramón Nonato often show him with a padlock on his lips, as [here]( In Hispanic folk magics, which incorporate folk Catholicism, San Ramón is the special saint in dealing with cases of gossip and rumours.

    From time to time, if you like, you can also repeat the simple bathing rite that precedes the spell for further, ongoing protection from gossip.

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