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    With Covid-19 having such a negative impact on a lot of peoples employment and lockdowns easing in various parts of the world I figured that it would be a good idea to share a way to create an amulet that I’ve used in the past to help gain meaningful employment.


    I call this spell Tyr’s amulet and will give detailed instructions below but feel free to adept it to suit your own practice, insert your own incantations, burn any incense you feel is appropriate etc.

    It’s preferable to create this amulet on a Tuesday (Tyr’s day) and on a waxing moon.

    Start off by going to a nearby natural water source, look for a small, flat stone that fits in your palm, I ask the water spirits to allow me to take it and bless it.

    Take your stone home and prepare your casting space, cast a circle, meditate on your career prospects, make this part unique to you.

    Light a candle (red is best for this but yellow or white are good substitutes) and pass the stone over the flame taking care not to burn yourself or the stone.

    Hold the stone between your palms and think deeply about your career, what you hope for, what obstacles you may face etc. Visualise yourself working, working and earning and feeling good for it, mentally push this image into the stone between your palms.

    Invoke Tyr and ask him to bless your amulet, you can do this verbally or mentally.

    On one side of the amulet draw Tyr’s rune in red or yellow (a simple arrow, it also represents moving forward unobstructed in this case) I prefer to use natural things such as berry juice or ground herbs/spices with some water to paint this, please don’t use anything toxic like paint, it should be natural.

    Set the stone aside for now to allow it to dry, thank Tyr for his assistance and promise to return the amulet once your goal is complete, this is also a good time to make an offering to Tyr.

    Place the amulet on your windowsill where it can catch sun and moonlight for charging, take it with you when you leave the house and place it back in the window when home, the sun may bleach the rune white, this is normal and perfectly fine.

    Once you have achieved your goal of employment take the stone back to a natural water source (it doesn’t need to be the same place you picked it up) thank Tyr once more and throw the amulet into the water (this is why I said not to use anything toxic).

    Happy job hunting folks!

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