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    I want to learn all about how stelliums in birth charts affect the person’s personality, and anything else they affect.

    All I know is that they exist when there are three or more planets (so not north node, ascendant, Chiron etc., but the moon and the sun count) in the same sign (or house? I know Placidus calculates that differently from whole signs and there are other systems too, so this can get complicated.)

    And I’ve heard that stelliums create a magnification of what they involve. Sort of a more-is-more dynamic?

    Do I understand it right so far? Here is what else I want to learn:

    How does which planets that are in the Stellium have to do with how they relate to one another? Like if the stellium includes the sun or not, or if it were three planets as opposed to five, or this set of certain planets versus that set of other ones.

    And also what about when a person has multiple stelliums? I have seen as many as three before! I know the stelliums (or a planet in one) could potentially create aspects with planets in other ones, so there’s that variable. But is there anything else, like stelliums becoming more or less significant when there is more than one?

    Any information you want to share or resources you can point me to that explain this stuff would be very helpful!

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