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    i’m trying to figure out what card(s) could cover these themes;

    Banished, Exiled, forced from one’s home, ostracised, excluded. 

    and which card(s) could come under the following keywords;

    Virtue, morality, purity, integrity, humility.

  • what cards would represent these themes?

    mondegr33n updated 3 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 2 Replies
  • nauxzhekrucz

    February 9, 2021 at 8:13 am

    Being honest, there are not such cards that represent “exactly” that.

    Depends on the question, the position, the number, the context, the elements in deal and so many other factors.

    For example… the 2 of cups. Yeah, could mean “love” as a feeling, sentiment, etc…

    But could be about contracts, deals, emotions taking form about something in concrete, superficial understanding of something… and many more meanings.

    Remember that there’s a lot to study, and FORGET about static meanings for combinations. Cos I’ve seen people in videos talking about “this card plus this other card means this…”.

    Have a nice day a keep studying 🙂

  • mondegr33n

    February 9, 2021 at 8:13 am

    As the other commenter wrote, cards generally have multiple meanings that can be used/understood across a wide variety of contexts. However, depending on the way they are combined, you might come up with an understanding of someone being excluded or exiled.

    You can also study the imagery in the deck and intuit based off the vibe/feeling you get from the image on the card. Say if you pull something like 5/Pentacles with a reversed card relating to positivity in relationships, depending on the context (and with standard RW imagery) it could signal “feeling left out in the cold” or ostracized from that group. I’ve also seen 8/Cups refer to both soul-searching and leaving something behind. Surrounding cards will explain. In general, there are so many combinations, it’s really difficult to prescribe one definition to one card.

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