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Forums Forums Mediums What experiences do you look back on when the little voice in your head starts telling you you’re crazy?

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    There are 2 things that stand out to me. Both of them happened in October 2023. I was at the height of my spiritual practice then – meditating every day – and I think that definitely helped my connection.
    The first thing was when I woke up at around 4am on October 7. I was in the shower and I got a vision of explosions/heard screaming. I felt like there was going to be some kind of attack – but what could I do? I didn't recognize the location until videos online started flooding in. It's what I saw in the shower. Just a flash – but it's unexplainable.
    The second thing happened on Oct 31. I was using a spirit board (I know it's controversial, but in my practice intention means everything. It can genuinely be a useful tool) with my friend who is also in tune to the spirit world. We lost a friend in July, and we asked if anyone else we knew would die soon. The board gave us initials – my dad's. We asked if there was anything he could do and the board said "GP" which I interpreted as "general practitioner". My dad was terrified of doctors to the point that it prevented him from taking care of his medical issues. He died 3 months later in January 2024 from a sudden heart attack – one that could have been prevented if he had gone to the doctor.
    These experiences are undeniable proof for me that there is another side. What are yours?

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