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    So in one of my previous posts I talked about the signs that I am most likely not going to get along well with based on my planetary placements.

    Those two signs being Cancer and Virgo with primarily earth and water dominant planetary placements given the fact that since I operate from my intelligence, logic and imagination most of the time I crave long, entertaining and intellectually stimulating discussions about a variety of different things and unfortunately a Cancer with a primarily earth and water dominant birth chart (Especially with mercury in Cancer or Scorpio) won't be able to deliver given they need more emotional support and empathy from their friends or partner than sitting down doing lots of chit chat.

    I also come across as a very soft and sensitive individual who doesn't take kindly criticism and there's no one more nitpicky and critical than a Virgo. Yes we may have some long and entertaining discussions with each other given we're both ruled by Mercury but both of us do it in vastly different ways. While I use for it adaptability they use theirs for critique and the thing with me is I don't want to be around somebody who's never goanna be pleased and has a superiority complex to always be right.

    That's why my most favorite zodiac that comes very close to first place lies in the fire sign trio. At first I wanted to put Sagittarius in second place as my second most favorite zodiac of all time given the fact a girl who's a Sagittarius put Gemini as her second most favorite zodiac due to our great sense of humor, adaptability and insatiable hunger for knowledge I honestly don't feel the same way towards The Archer. Yes there are some truths to the whole opposites attract trope and while it's fun getting to know Sagittarian's for their deep desire for adventure and variety combined their sharp, dexterous and creative minds in the same way us Geminis are known for the problem for me lies in the fact that Sagittarian's aren't the most communicative type of individuals given their game is all about adventure and taking action while Geminis game lies in communication and obtaining greater knowledge. Sagittarian's are also one of the worst people you can make a promise to since they come off as forgetful, scatter-brained individual's who love to multitask and because of this it can be very difficult for them to keep their word.

    If anything I would most likely put Sagittarius as my 6th most favorite zodiac of all time and put 2nd place in favor of Aries or Leo. Aries for starters are the most confident zodiac in the fire sign trio and by far the most confident zodiac of all time. Like the God of war himself Aries are natural born leaders with a warrior's spirit and who will do things whatever way suits them best and they don't care how other people think about it. Aries crave constant need for adventure and variety which is something Gemini needs in order to prevent themselves from getting bored. Yes Aries can have a quick temper but these episodes of intense anger are usually short lived and they get right back to having fun. They also don't have patience for people who have a superiority complex so if you're trying to belittle them with your smartass, know it all bs don't because they're not having any of it and you will get a taste of the Ram's fiery wrath so don't play with Aries fire.

    Leo on the other hand is confident, charismatic, charming and fun loving sign who seeks to be the center of attention. Just like Gemini, Leo also craves constantly stimulation and both are very playful and lighthearted like children. Both of them want to be in a friendly, and welcoming environment where they feel supported while also making sure that everyone else is having a good time. They also don't take kindly to criticism and will stay far away from people who derail them of their good and make them question their own self-worth and confidence. Lion's love to have a good laugh and the twins will most certainly deliver with their witty sense of humor. While not as emotionally reactive as Aries Leo's can however hold a nasty grudge if you do something that seriously hurts their confidence and self-esteem. If Leo manages to win The Twin's loyalty they will shower them with compliments keeping their lovely kitty purring all day long. Together Gemini and Leo can make a wonderful team as both love to step out into the unknown and try new things while also having a lot of long, entertaining and lighthearted discussions together.

    So my number 2 pick is between these two fire signs. What is a zodiac you really like that you get along very well with that comes close to being your number one pick?

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