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Forums Forums Mediums What was one of your “learning experiences”/ lessons you learned along your journey?

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    Mine has been about how much not protecting your energy can affect me and that I have to go about things differently than I used to.

    Granted i never knew I had mental mediumship abilities, but I have always been curious about abandoned places. Well, one day my mother and I went to explore an abandoned house. It was apparent it was owned by an older couple either in a nursing home or who had passed. I ignored anything energetic as it wasn't my intention to do anything like that. But did not think about the disrespect they would feel, let alone being affected by them.

    Now I am in the process of SLOWLY removing a dead person, or a few dead people, from me over time. Fun times!

    For anecdotal sake, one guys story had me thinking twice about how eager I was to help people with their hauntings and what not. He came into the metaphysical shop I worked at and was getting a bunch of protection stuff. You could tell he was scared. He explained that he already had a tattoo of AA Michael, but something jumped him while he was trying to help this lady with an older woman spirit in her home. He blacked out for at least a half hour. Made me rethink protection and analyzing why he would have still been attacked beyond the point of being able to protect himself from it. Like he must have let his guard down for a min or something.

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