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    Year at a glance spread! My interpretation in the comments!

  • Year at a glance spread! My interpretation in the comments!

    IAmMissingNow updated 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
  • IAmMissingNow

    January 31, 2021 at 6:21 am

    So I did a year at a glance reading with my Celtic tarot cards by Courtney Davis. I also did one with my oracle cards (Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman) that I’ll include in this reading. I would love your interpretation even if it’s just based on the Celtic part because I have no idea how to take this.

    The top row is me, the card under it is Love bottom row is money. Each row is based on the month.

    January: You: -The Tower/Renewal-Disaster has happened, it is a time of chaos and loss of control. However this is also a time for renewal. What appears to be the end is actually a new opportunity to grow. Have faith.
    Love:-2 of cups reversed/guilt-Intense relationship turned toxic, time wasted.(major call out) Do not do for others what they need to do for themselves. Any guilt is fear of being disliked. Honesty is freedom.
    Money:-Six of swords/mysticism-Let things be for now. There may be obligations but you are financially fine right now and it’s not the time to be worrying about it.

    February: You: -Queen of wands/instinct-Kind and caring. Proud yet will fight savagely if needed. Holds grudges. Don’t look back, keep moving forward. Let go of the past, move on and trust your inner guide on this solitary journey.
    Love:-Three of swords reversed/impasse-Strife and discord. Painful experiences and thoughts blot out happier times. I need to accept the situation or do something about it. Things are changing but not ending; the goal is still there. Don’t wait, stay focus and find another path. Adapt, protect from harm.
    Money:-seven of cups/completion-Not a good time to make important decisions, there will be resolution outside of your comfort zone.

    March: you: -ten of wands/prayer-growth is well earned but lacks the feeling of achievement. I have grown but still feel stuck. I need to face the truth and surrender and let go of control while also being willing to let others change my mind.
    Love: -judgement/creation-Time of personal choice. A final decision a final decision must be made but it will be in my favor and settled the way I want it to be. Letting go of old ideas allowing new growth. “Let go, you no longer need to be the warrior.”
    Money:-six of cups reversed/balance-self-indulgence, and living like I have in the past, draining resources I don’t have. Proceed slowly, don’t rush and make sure this is right for you.

    April: you: -six of coins/rejection- I’ll be in a position of power that will be draining but exciting. It’ll be worthwhile though. You no longer need to prove yourself. You understand who you are and who you created. Choose wisely who you allow into your life.
    Love: -ace of swords/service-New starts are possible, the mind is free of negative thoughts. Justice triumphs. Stay the course emotionally while creating something sustainable and lasting.
    Money:-knight of coins/gossip-Someone will be helping me a lot here. Ability to follow your heart and do what you want even if it seems careless.

    May: you: -king of coins/wisdom-Again in a position of power and engrossed in details rather than seeing the big picture. (Seems like the exact opposite of who I am) Prove nothing when just choosing to be wise. Full of serenity which is needed.
    Love: -ten of coins/impartiality-positivity of power and position. Be unbiased and allow others to come to you. Become a neutral party for them to go to.
    Money:-four of coins/discovery-financial gain and security. Get ready to carry a commitment all the way through.

    June: you: -knight of cups/miracle-I’m going to be holding things back while watching things happen. Ignoring the truth while hoping for the best. I need to be honest and forthright no matter what. I instinctively know what’s true and need to trust it is.
    Love:-knight of swords/insecurity-Loyal, intense but acts in poor ways that doesn’t benefit anyone. I need to not hold things in and have the courage to move forward.
    Money:-the world reversed/victim-Feeling hesitant to actually make a choice. I need to act or I will lose the chance and regret it. I need a solid plan to get what I truly desire. Don’t create until I’m ready.

    July: you: -five of coins/abundance-I will be questioning what is truly important. Positive choice will mean making a sacrifice, once I do obstacles will be removed. I will have two choices: a wise one and a foolish one. The wise one will involve a sacrifice. (Lots of sacrifices going on here????)
    Love: -ace of cups/destiny-great joy and contentment. New understanding reached, powerful insight, truths revealed. Your angels will guide you to what is best for you and all concerned. (F’ing ominous.)
    Money: -knight of wands reversed/vanity-I’ll make rash actions and boast about it then regret it. I’ll be awakened to a new start but have to be aware of distractions that may pull me away from the truth.

    August: you: -queen of cups reversed/facade-detaching myself from emotions and instead living in daydreams. Can’t be relied on. Need to rediscover myself, recover who I am and rethink my path.
    Love: -three of wands/self worth-moving forward with personal achievement with help from others. Self-love, love of life and no longer trying to prove my value to others. Rely on inner knowledge.
    Money:-page of coins reversed/faith-wasteful use of opportunity. Forge ahead and don’t let pain hold you back. You help others, that’s your gift.

    September: you: -8 of wands/passion-I will settle a situation quickly but in a way that will surprise me and allow me a sense of freedom. I will have the ability to ignite the passion necessary to create what I want.
    Love: -3 of cups/dissipating-A happy conclusion to a situation and a time of healing. Recognizing what is a daydream and a well thought out plan is key here.
    Money: -the moon/acceptance-danger, deception, be intuitive. Not able to see my gifts. In need of protection from my angels, self esteem and confidence.

    October: you: -the sun reversed/recovery-I will feel happy and successful but will need to be careful with showing it or taking it for granted. I still need to be careful and aware. Detachment from emotion to see the big picture. Growing into a partnership with spirit and allowing my angels to heal me.
    Love: -the magician reversed/despondence-Self deception and illusion. Delaying seeing the truth again about who he really is. Not truly letting go. I know what I need to do and need to sever ties that no longer serve me. How I relate to the issue is the issue. Obstacles will be removed when I change the relationship to them.
    Money:-5 of wands reversed/expansion-Dispute is escalated and full blown negativity. Life is changing as you move away from the old. Seek out others with the same energy as you.

    November: you: -4 of wands/complacency-Celebration in family. Job well done. A quiet period is needed to heal. Are you being true to yourself or living for someone else? Inability to disassociate from a lost dream. It’s time to walk away from anything that does not deeply resonate with you.
    Love:-2 of swords/workaholic-Things are finally settled and no one truly lost. I finally see what everyone was trying to show me. Powerful manifestation. If something stalls allow it to recharge but know your limits.
    Money: -3 of coins/trickery-my skills are finally applied and I achieve rewards though not necessarily money. Manipulation and fear of rejection. Practice asking what you truly want.

    December: you: -four of cups reversed/release-No progress on healing. I am still stuck and can’t move forward even when I thought I could. I need to see all that I am because I possess a power I don’t understand. Freedom awaits when I do. Stand steady, I am more than I know.
    Love: -ace of wand reversed/enlightenment-Blind optimism while creating plans that won’t actually happen. Exhausting myself needlessly on false hopes. Journey of my true destiny.
    Money:-page of swords reversed/soulmate-underhanded, angry silence and bad news. Old communication changes opening new ways. Freedom lies ahead.

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