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    I know that cues can be unique to different psychics but I’m so used to using dream meaning references & spiritual meaning of ______ videos that I’m curious whether there are trustworthy references for what more cryptic psychic clues could translate to.
    I’ve already found a good comment by someone here about what clairalient smells could be related to; however I haven’t found something like that for clairgustance, and stuff for clairaudience & clairvoyance tends to be all over the place & not as trustworthy coming from just about anyone with no clear source.

    If anyone has any sources that they use as a reference, I’d appreciate the tip. If not, feel free to share any thoughts about using or avoiding references for interpreting psychic messages.

  • Any good references for what senses mean?

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  • Voodooyogurtcustard

    May 28, 2023 at 8:01 am

    The best reference is yourself.

    Age, background, location, culture all play a part in interpretation, and if it’s a message for you, then it’s only what you think that matters. Black cats are unlucky in the US, but in the UK they’re seen as lucky. Some people see snakes as evil, some see them as a symbol of rebirth. Owls can be seen as wise & all seeing, or omens of death.
    Anyone can post anything online, what’s reliable to them, may not be to you. It’s a very personal thing.

    If the message is for you, it’s your interpretation that matters, anyone else’s opinion is irrelevant. What are the feelings or memories that smell or that taste evokes in you? Does it remind you of someone or some place? Did you immediately get a feeling of pleasant or not so pleasant? And if you still don’t know, or feel stuck, don’t be afraid to say so! Speak up and ask spirit/your higher self/the universe/angels/god/your guides (whoever you believe in) to clarify or send you another sign, but also remember if you think you’re being sent a sign or an impression, and despite repeated requests for clarity, nothing comes, it may not have any meaning after all, it may just be a coincidence.

  • [deleted]

    May 28, 2023 at 8:01 am


  • NotTooDeep

    May 28, 2023 at 8:01 am

    Meaning is assigned retrospectively. There is no inherent meaning in the stuff or energy you experience. Meaning can change when the context changes. This is why ethics are not carved in stone. There are books that tell you what every Tarot card means, and what every color of energy in an aura means, and they’re all wrong. There is no meaning for a color without a context. Black energy can be very soothing and beneficial in the right context. Red energy can be a celebration in one culture and a dire warning in a different culture. The cultures are part of the context. So it’s fair to say that the books have a cultural bias.

    Your body may respond positively to something that would make someone else wretch. It’s not a problem with one of you; it’s how each of you react to whatever that is.

    Your key to getting the interpretations ‘correct’ is to ask questions. Really basic questions. Something hurts in your body. What energy is causing this pain? Is that energy my energy? Is this energy coming into my space or leaving my space? (Both can cause pain.)

    It may be useful to share my preferred list of psychic abilities with you. The list has fewer cultural interpretations on them. I prefer simpler descriptions; it helps me avoid filtering what I see.

    Here’s a brief summary of the abilities in each chakra, from the perspective of a clairvoyant reader. I stick to referring to them by the numbers rather than the cultural nicknames, like root chakra, sacral chakra. It’s less confusing.

    1st chakra: in front of the base of the spine, holds survival information for the body.

    2nd chakra: in front of the spine just below the level of the navel, holds clairsentience ability. This is how you feel your emotions and the emotions of others. It’s also how you feel lots of different energies. It’s also how you connect to sexual partners.

    3rd chakra: in front of the spine at the level of the solar plexus, power distribution! This is your spiritual utility company! Also holds telekinesis. And holds your out of body experience ability and out of body memory. This is where your silver cord attaches to your astral body.

    4th chakra: in front of the spine at the level of the sternum (center of the chest), affinity for yourself. What this means is this is how you recognize your own energy as distinct from the energy of others. Also holds your fourth chakra healing abilities. When people are healing you with love, this is the chakra where that’s coming from.

    5th chakra: in front of the spice at the bottom of the neck, Narrow and broad band telepathy, creativity, direct voice trance mediumship. Clairaudience! Your ability to hear spirit. And, your inner voice. This is how you hear you.

    6th chakra: in the center of the head, roughly between the tops of the years. clairvoyance. Your ability to see energy and spirit.

    7th chakra: on the top of the head. knowingness, or claircognizance. Your ability to know things off the top of your head, to connect the first and last steps to something without going through all the intermediate steps. Also trance mediumship; your ability to allow another spirit to come into your body. Also precognition, your ability to see the future, or at least several versions of the future.

    Hand chakras: in the palms of each hand. ALL of the abilities of the seven major chakras are mirrored in the hand chakras. If you can’t see the energy very well, holding your hand up, palm facing the energy in question, will cut through the fog. This is also why hands-on healings can be so powerful.

    Feet chakras: in the souls of your feet, near the middle of the arch. Your ability to bring Earth energy into your body. This is more important than it sounds LOL!

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