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    Are the cards telling me I’m going to be ok?

  • Are the cards telling me I’m going to be ok?

    Princessteph0459 updated 3 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
  • Princessteph0459

    January 29, 2021 at 7:18 am

    Deck: The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, Artwork by Mark Evans

    Question/Intention: I use tarot as a supplement to my therapy sessions. This time I found myself talking out loud over asking a specific question. I asked for guidance in regards to the issues holding me back from progress. More information in the background and my interpretation.

    Spread: I usually keep it simple as I’m a beginner. I shuffle, fan the deck and choose cards based off my intuition. I stacked the cards in groups of three for the photo but the top two rows are the original six I chose. The bottom three cards came out as clarifiers.

    Background: I recently started therapy to help me work out why I’m still hurt from a breakup that happened three years ago and feeling like I’m not progressing in life. On Christmas Eve I found out my ex is now married and seems to be happy. I’m still working out if what I experienced was abuse but needless to say he wasn’t very nice to me and I suffered mentally from it. For this reading I held the deck in my hands and started talking about how I still want him and how hurt I am that he was able to throw me aside so easily and move on. I talked about how it’s unfair I’ve struggled for long while he’s peachy. I then talked about how I want to move past these toxic thoughts and manifest love my for myself. I want a partner in life who’s able to support me through the good and bad.

    Interpretation: Again I’m new so bear with me. The seven of pentacles represents someone who’s tending to a garden that’s not quite ripe for the picking. They’ve done well in taking care of the plant and it seems like it will be fruitful. But time and patience is needed before the blooms can be picked. This can mean that I am healing but I’m not quite ready for love. I take the lovers card literally in this sense. The seven of cups is all about choices. In the card it feels like he’s pointing at me saying you have more choices than you think or you have to make a choice. I’m not quite sure. I read the cards in groups of three. So for the first group I got the sense that I’m not quite fully healed and to aid in that I’ll need to make a choice of holding on to my ex or choosing this new love. The lovers card could also signify two lovers. My ex and the new still to come. The death card being next to nine of swords feels like I’m being forcibly made to move on from my feelings for him and about myself. Death is inevitable but it doesn’t always have to be scary. The Justice card threw me for a loop because I feel like it’s asking me what do I think is a fair outcome of this situation. It’s funny I got the karma card in the end because I thought to me justice can either mean karma or a fair solution to a problem. If we’re talking about karma I want him to hurt as bad as I did/do. But I know that will only temporarily make me feel good. The pain will still be there and my circumstances haven’t changed. If we’re taking about justice then I think of this like a trial and the judge is asking what can he do to make the situation fair for both parties. While it sucks to say I would let him keep his marriage and his happiness. I just want the same for myself and more. I want the opportunity to be equals and not feel like he’s walked away with the upper hand. The last three cards stumped me a little bit. The ten of swords feels like a betrayal or being backstabbed by someone or something you didn’t see coming. I do feel blindsided by my ex but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. But I definitely feel tossed aside after all the effort I put in to keep him happy. I felt like I was never enough for him. The moon is unreadable to me. She seems to be navigating dangerous woods but the fire and wolves tells me she’s going to be ok. She might only be able to see a few feet in front of her but she’s not scared, just cautious. Finally the karma card came out and I laughed. I can never tell if this means good/bad karma coming to me or if my ex is finally getting the karma he deserves. In looking at the card I see what might be a solar eclipse. That means that the darkness is only temporary and the sun will be back in a short while. I’m scared to think that maybe that means good karma is finally coming my way.

    I welcome any additional interpretations. Like I said I’m still new and do the best I can with what I feel the card is saying and the guide book. Sorry this was so long!

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