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    Okay so im still in the beginning stages of learning tarot but always feel like i get pretty clear answers to my questions. In a psychic fair reading the other day the reader told me she strongly thinks I should look into my past life as a Druid.

    Ive been getting interesting results from my deck regarding my life as a Druid and I wanted to know what others might think of this specific question.

    I asked what my great teachers or mentors of that time were like and received the 5 of Coins (pentacles). I got the feeling that i was self taught or did not receive help when i asked for it back then.

    So i pulled a clarification card and asked if that means that i taught myself or did my work on my own and received the King of Cups. It felt like confirmation especially since a direct quote from my book reads, “His work is always done in solitude”.

    But i wanted to post this and see what others interpretations of these cards might be since im a newbie to tarot.


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