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Forums Forums Mediums I don’t believe in mediumship but I want to. Where can I start?

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    I am healing from a major loss in my life and finally reached out to a medium. My reading was ok, no great epiphany or anything but then again I didn't know what to expect going in to it. I had never thought about mediums/spirits/afterlife once until my mom died earlier this year.

    I am not emotional, or spiritual, and maybe who I am as a person is blocking me from experiencing something that could be great? Maybe if I could read some practical documentation or explainers of how it all works it might help me? Any insight or personal words is definitely appreciated.

    I don't know if this contributes to the conversation at all but last night in the shower I was thinking about canceling my Medium reading appointment and suddenly I heard a familiar voice call out my name. Clear as day. It wasn't anyone in my house. Never had anything like that happen before and I thought maybe it was someone encouraging me to go through with the reading. But since my reading was just OK I am second guessing that whole experience now.

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