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Forums Forums Astrology I was quite inspired by the post relating the signs to certain natural phenomena and I raise you with what I’ve formulated over the years.

  • I was quite inspired by the post relating the signs to certain natural phenomena and I raise you with what I’ve formulated over the years.

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  • Arianna

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Edit: Thank you for all the positive feedback as well as constructive criticism! This was my initial mental dump over the course of just one day so it’s very seed-like in form at it’s current stage.

    * **Aries – lightning and wildfires, and sparks:**
    * impulsive and somewhat difficult to control,
    * extremely agile either mentally, physically, or both(cardinal trait),
    * lightning and wildfires rapidly destroy(or purify in a sense) anything they encounter(Aries’ aggressiveness and anger). With lighting rods and controlled burning, humans displace the raw fire energy in more productive manners(how Aries positively works with their impulses)
    * when humans were able to harness fire, a new age was born where man could conquer the world around them.[Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac(lifecycle, organization, civilization, etc.)]
    * the presence of fire introduces new dietary options from cooking and baking, for tempering metal tools and pottery, and building bigger buildings(Aries inspirational pioneering in a good natured way that creates order out of chaos)
    * fire also forges more lethal weapons, stronger defenses, and increases the brutality of war(the dark side of Aries pioneering that creates order through chaos)
    * when man learned how to harness electricity, another era of dominion quickly swept across the land similar to how fire influenced the ancients(Aries pioneering 2.0 version)
    * **Leo – the sun:**
    * larger(personality and sense of identity) than all bodies in the solar system
    * all celestial objects revolve around it, not the other way around(fixed trait)
    * central governor of time and seasons so the majority of life on earth must consistently pay attention to where the sun is in order to survive(Leo’s always on stage)
    * nothing in the solar system escapes the interplanetary magnetic field the sun emits(Leo engages others on a grand scale with a potent animal magnetism without having to direct it towards a specific person each time for effect)
    * most religious and spiritual belief systems have strong ties to the sun’s leadership of their myriad of doctrines, practices, and deities
    * while light radiates from the sun, it is dispersed in all directions and not focalized(as strong, energetic, and intelligent as Leo is, the native is usually shy’s away from going to the deepest philosophical depths(understanding) of a subject in favor of something else more entertaining or engaging on the surface)
    * the Sun is the oldest body in our solar system and will not burn out for millions of years(Leo’s extreme willpower)
    * **Sagittarius – the constellations(alien stars), light itself(photons), and the quantum field:**
    * the constellations are rich in philosophical stories depicted in blazing imagery even if they are just far away spheres of burning gas(Sag is a great storyteller and of philosophical subjects. They can find the deeper meaning in anything mundane and connect it to anything else mundane for an even greater meaning, great bullshitters)
    * as light(understanding) is in constant abundance across space-time(unconscious mind of a Sag), constellations act as focal points of centralized light–that when connected in artistic fashions–describe ambient light all around us(Sag may not understand all the ambient aspects of a subject, but they happen to know through some divine luck the points that make them appear to know way more. They may also not be paying attention to what someone is saying, but their vivid expressions intimately mirror the person talking so they appear to pay close attention or at least appear to know more about what is said than they really do)
    * photons permeates the majority of the universe, therefore illuminating our lives and our understanding of it; all atoms have an emission spectrum when they move from a high to low energetic state where photons are released(Sagittarius emits higher states of knowledge to others through the medium of en-light-enment)
    * photons carry kinetic energy which can be transferred as heat into matter(through Sag teaching higher knowledge, the inner energetic state of the student rises)
    * light allows one to see in darkness(not only does Sag teach others things they never knew or didn’t understand, but their positivity dissipates or deflates others’ negativity or sadness)
    * the quantum field is widely unknown at this point in time(the extent of what Sagittarius can intuit is still a huge mystery)
    * **Taurus – mountain ranges, valleys, crystals and precious metals, and Earth’s core in general:**
    * the most stubborn to alter(change) but also the most resilient to harsh weather conditions(adversity),
    * houses an immense density(fundamental knowledge) while simultaneously disguising it’s interior existence within its many layers outside of it,
    * some mountains are also volcanoes(temperament),
    * mountains have always been associated with being the home of ancient gods(Taurus’s elevated ego and philosophies)
    * mountains are considered a place of safety and security for humans and animals
    * While mountains house their own beauty, when they are combined with valleys, the landscape dramatically becomes saturated in awe as well as a safe haven for communities(sexy Venutian version of security)
    * crystals are the Earth’s hidden treasures that emerge in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes(another Venutian quality)
    * crystals, natural or manmade, function as fundamental components of ancient and current every day technology(Taurean gravitation towards learning the fundamental functions of the physical universe such as physics and how to manipulate them for tangible outcomes that benefit society)
    * **Virgo – the physical plane of all living organisms(bones, organs, skin, cells, etc.), fossils, and Earth’s mantle:**
    * the mantle’s temperatures widely range in a geothermal gradient(mutable moods and having many different emotions about one subject)
    * the mantle’s viscosity also fluctuates greatly from mostly solid rock to mantle rocks which move plastically over a long period of time(intense analyzation that slowly changes the often stubborn behavior of the native)
    * their are endless possibilities to biological diversity and evolution(Virgo’s diverse analytical points of view that are constantly interacting with each other simultaneously in good, bad, and neutral ways)
    * the physical maintenance of biological systems ensures survival(Virgo’s intimate relationship with their physical health and others)
    * from the knowledge of the microscopic hemisphere of cells to the macroscopic hemisphere of entire biological systems, one understands the functions of how life physically works(Virgo’s studious nature of the material plane which has roots in how farming was started, to medicines and poisons, and surgery)
    * fossils contain the primary knowledge of what lived on Earth from the beginning of life itself and connects to to our biological past as well as all life that ever existed(adds a much deeper dimension beyond just life on earth today and to Virgo’s true levels of knowledge)
    * **Capricorn – Earth’s crust and atoms:**
    * the crust is always fluctuating, but in a temperament that allows life to sustain itself(Capricorn is by nature stubborn, but adjusts easier to others than the other earth signs)
    * control and manipulation of atoms is the pinnacle of understanding and governing our physical reality without diving into the non physical abyss of quantum mechanics(ruling the material world through perfectionism)
    * Atoms compose any and all matter(Capricorn’s can master any subject they choose from the macroscopic level to its microscopic core. just a restatement of what was just mentioned in a slightly different way)
    * atomic particles can be annihilated, but reform back into other atomic particle(stubborn and resilient, but with immense speed and tactics)
    * **Cancer – springs, watering holes, oases, and lakes:**
    * always revealing new ideas and instantaneous rushes in emotion
    * the source of water(sensations and feelings) that sprouts from the interior(unconscious) of the Earth(person)
    * springs intrinsically do not have a direction, and are subject to the elements around them to guide where and how the water collects or flows(is stubborn in expressing itself, but often manipulated)
    * lakes are placid places that have little or no currents compared to rivers and oceans(the good aspect is calmness and the negative is stagnation)
    * lakes are found in all regions, even underground(the ability for Cancer to adjust to any human environment and still provide life giving water)
    * oases(desert lake/springs) are found in the most arid deserts(in very hostile home and work environments, mature Cancerians can be bastions of empathy, understanding, and life for those struggling. They are giving even when nothing else is around them)
    * waterholes are places where both predators and prey will drink alongside each other(Cancer’s can be the centric presence that binds enemies together through their wholesome nature)
    * waterholes also have hippos and crocodiles(when angry or offended, they still house a potential to lash out harshly)
    * **Scorpio – a river, swamps and marshes, clouds, and rain:**
    * a river is a consistent(fixed) flow of energy that rises and falls(fluctuations in moods and/or rise and fall of the evolved Phoenix form)
    * rivers can freeze over on top(expression of coldness to the outside world while still flowing underneath),
    * there are underwater rivers at the bottom of the ocean(expresses the true depths Scorpions can reside)
    * there are underground rivers in cave systems(another example of depth, but also the rabbit-hole psychology of Scorpio)
    * rivers can flood the surrounding area(overabundance of emotional energy which can be extremely beneficial when harnessed or malefic when untamed),
    * rain also can flood, but is much less predictable than rivers and can be much more deadly
    * hail is frozen rain that all unprotected life caught in it is damaged by(can be harsh by nature)
    * the first civilizations evolved surrounding rivers(the most ancient established knowledge)
    * clouds are elevated versions of surface water of Earth(the Scorpionic evolution into the eagle soars over the population with grace and splendor through experience and hardship)
    * evaporation and rainfall(the Scorpionic evolution into the Phoenix, and also extreme moods on opposite sides of the spectrum)
    * swamps and marshes hold sometimes stagnant, sometimes slow flowing water(the more languid aspects of Scorpio)
    * Swamps are maze-like and riddled with hidden predators(Scorpios have maze-like minds that they must master in order to succeed in life. There are also lots of dangerous and venomous aspects that hide within the psychology of Scorpios)
    * **Pisces – oceans, icebergs/glaciers and tsunamis:**
    * oceans house the most ancient knowledge of life on earth including our origin from past lives
    * oceans hold more species(the vast multitude of perceptions of different Pisceans) than any environment on earth but still highly unexplored(unconscious forces) despite how much we’ve studied it,
    * oceans vastly differ(moods and personalities) across the globe that constantly fluctuate and connect civilizations together,
    * the deeper(in consciousness) you go to bottom of the ocean, the more volatile but rewarding discoveries we find
    * tsunamis are devastating to entire populations caught in their wake, forever manipulating the terrain and lifestyle of those impacted(Piscean wrath)
    * glaciers at the north and south poles trapped ancient life and the ancient atmosphere within them(another form of hidden Piscean knowledge)
    * **Gemini – the wind and wind storms(tornadoes, hurricanes, sand storms, etc.):**
    * constantly in motion in many direction(the almost scatterbrained aspect between the twins)
    * different pressures in the atmosphere move air from high areas of pressure to low to form wind(the mutability of the sign to avoid areas of their life with extreme pressure to move towards less stressful situations)
    * can cool you on a hot day or freeze you when it’s cold(Gemini’s temperament)
    * allowed the first sailors to exchange goods and ideas with distant civilizations on earth(Mercury’s allusion to commerce, communication and transport),
    * the first airplane was concocted from testing wind gliders until the right design was found(airplane technology increased the speed of the aforementioned traits of sailing)
    * with enough power and conflicting warm/cold currents, wind can evolve into tornados and hurricanes(the twins’ conflicts inside of the native can wreak havoc on their state of existence as well as others when powerful enough)
    * the wind, naturally or artificially created, interacts with or is felt by everything in it’s path(Gemini’s drive to interact with or study nearly all subjects on a surface level; the jack of all trades)
    * **Libra – breath and oral communication:**
    * obviously oral communication between people is a form of relating to one another, and breathwork in meditation is fundamental in bridging the gap in one’s relationship with themselves
    * can heal or hurt on a vast scale(depending on what side of the scale the native is on, they can point out just the right things to make someone feel better or the specific flaws that cut deep)
    * when oral communication is recorded, it can teach worlds(Libra’s ability to lead and influence others)
    * singing is a very therapeutic form of oral communication within human culture to this day(very Venutian quality of oral communication that Libra utilizes to entertain, influence, and woo audiences)
    * Oral tradition is how humanity passed down knowledge of all things to future generations(Libra’s idealism and ability to conjure information that maintains their superiority among others)
    * **Aquarius – the Earth’s atmosphere, thunder, and space/time:**
    * all encompassing and comprises everything above the Earth’s crust including cave systems and anywhere air can be found(the compendiums of Jeopardy-like knowledge housed within the Aquarian mind)
    * houses the entirety of humans intellectual understanding and interactions of and between themselves as well as the world around them since the atmosphere is between all of us all the time(Aquarius sees the human race as a whole–all the good, bad, and weird in between)
    * the path between us and space(the bridge of knowledge between our understanding of the material and spiritual planes outside of our bodies)
    * the furthest area away from Earth the elements are present(Aquarian abstract thought)
    * after lightening strikes, it leaves a little hole or open channel in the atmosphere, and when the air claps back together, it forms thunder(when Aquarius is struck with great energy–good or bad–, the native is very vocal about it to the point of inspiring/disrupting the individuals present)
    * Space/time is like the atmosphere of the universe(Aquarian knowledge extends to every orifice of the known universe and is an abstract concept)

    Because of you all, I plan to cultivate this seed of information by digging deeper into each sign, giving some of the ones I neglected more vitality, reformatting all the content to sexy it up, and I’d really like to synthesize some of the major relationships between each of these natural occurrences as they would interact inside one’s own psyche. I will be collecting ideas from the comments so don’t be afraid to speak up!

  • paradoxofaparadox

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. This take is delightfully creative. Well done.

  • Vivid-Ad-5737

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    When two of your big 3 are being represented by wildfires and tornadoes and crazy shit, oh dear ????‍♀️ too accurate though!!

  • MitchTheVegan

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    This is really good yo. I’ve noticed a lot of these same things actually.

  • iwishiwashuman

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    finally some good fucking food

  • Antall050

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    I also thought it was interesting that Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and Pluto rules the underworld, and the riches underneath, and the oil business is said to be a Plutonian business, and one of the methods to get oil is fracking, which is a deep penetration into the earth with ve powerful jet streams of water (fixed water, scorpios modality and element). Astrology can be quite literal sometimes

  • IridescentShell

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Not bad. The Earth signs need a lot of work, they were very same-y, especially Virgo and Capricorn. Didn’t capture their individual natures. Libra was just bad, sorry. And Cancer was very poor. You said:

    “lakes are placid places that have little or no currents compared to rivers and oceans(the good aspect is calmness and the negative is stagnation)”

    This is the complete opposite of Cancer energy, which by its very nature is inherently fluctuating in mood and energy. Cardinal water is the only form of water with momentum and flux.

    The other signs were all good though, I enjoyed reading overall ????

  • Castlewallsxo

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    I love this ????

  • TRUEidontbekaren

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    This is awesome! So well thought out and intuitive!

  • -SumOfOne-

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  • thewitchofizalith

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Whoa, this is quite similar to [what I wrote]( in the comments of the other post. I’m so happy to see that there’s more than one person who thinks this way. Plus, we have a lot of similarities. Rock on! ????

  • Howl_Wilder

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Oh fuck yeah this is good.

  • wl413

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Wow! This is amazing ???? Love this.

  • oddballgemini

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Very descriptive 🙂

  • LunaEmpress

    January 31, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing this it was a good read

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