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    I (51M) am a small business owner. I have a clinic in private hospital built in the 1950's. I've been there for 3 years already. A few weeks ago, my wife and I invited a colleague to visit the clinic on the weekend, when the building is empty. We've known this colleague for 20 years and thought she was "normal". During this visit while walking through the foyer area, she basically said there are spirits on the second floor. She sensed that they are wearing white robes and just wandering. That is where an operating room used to be. This is the first time she has ever mentioned that she's sensitive in this way. She said she didn't sense any malicious sports, and that we shouldn't worry. But she did tell us to say a small prayer when coming and going into the building.

    I myself don't sense anything, but my wife and I are freaked out now. I've told some friends, even joked about our "haunted clinic".

    Seriously, now that I know this information, is it more possible to provoke the spirits? Should I stop joking round about them? Is there anything that I should do, or should not do?

    I do say (in my head) the small prayers. Something like, "God almight, creator of the heavens and earth, protect me from the spirits here."

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