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Forums Forums Tarot Just a simple question for da night. “What will I like about my first relationship?”

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    I've never dated before, and now I'm realizing holding off until now was probably for the best. I've worked through so much trauma and baggage the past 1.5 years, and I feel much more stable emotionally and mentally.

    Well, I got curious and thought to ask my cards about what is one thing I will like about my first relationship. These cheeky little things gave me the Two of Cups.

    I reckon that's a good sign? To me, that signifies that I will enjoy being in a partnership first of all, especially now that I've done the work and I'm in a healthy, open state to receive it. But, the card also speaks to mutual give-and-take, equal communication, emotional harmony. Hopefully those are all qualities of my future relationship and I will enjoy it very deeply!

    I know it's a simple question and "spread", but I am a noob at tarot so I want to make sure I'm gleaming all I can from this message. Anything you more experienced people spot?

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