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    I’ve always had a fascination w the occult when I was growing up, & I would spend hours researching it in encyclopedias, both online (when I got my first computer as a teenager), & in book form. When I was in eighth grade, a friend of mine told me that he practiced witchcraft, & gave me a spell to see what I thought (I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to recite it until he freaked out after I told him that I tried it out). When I was in my junior year of high school, I remember going w/ my friends to this store that sold Wiccan supplies, & we’d go to our favorite park to practice.

    I always wondered why I had this fascination w/ the occult… I knew that I am psychic, & as I got older, my abilities developed more (I get premonitions, & can sense spirits). Growing up, I always heard a little bit of a story involving how I almost died of SIDS as a newborn, & that my maternal grandmother, who was into Santeria back then, went to her santero (forgot the actual term) & asked him what she had to do to save my life (I was in the hospital for at least a week). She would bring him into where I was in the hospital, & he’d perform his rituals.

    About a year or two ago, my mom told me a more in depth story of what went on w/ the guy who performed the rituals, & she said that my grandmother told her that he said that “in order for me to have inner peace, I was supposed to become a saint after I hit the double digits (forgot how old). That never ended up happening, thankfully (I became a vegetarian at fourteen, & the idea of going into a religion that involves sacrificing animals is very upsetting to me), because she left Santeria a few years after & became a born-again Christian. However, she did tell my mom before she converted that the guy had told her that I would be “special”.

    Anyway, now I’m forty years old, & looking to learn how to develop my abilities more. I’d like to learn how to read tarot cards, runes, & oracle cards… But I don’t want to be overwhelmed when I start, mainly due to the fact that I have a crappy attention span, since I’m on different meds.

    So yeah, thanks for reading this far… Hope you understand my babbling. Lol

  • Long story that I’ll try to not complicate/babble on about, so bear w/ me…

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  • NotTooDeep

    October 6, 2022 at 5:17 pm

    I think the best place to start is from the beginning. You’re going to play with energy and learn to read it. This is very cool!

    There’s all that symbolism on the cards, and you’ll have fun reading all about that from books and online. That’s the beginning.

    The next step after that is to become aware of which parts of those symbols light up with energy from the readee, even if you are reading yourself.

    The key to insightful readings is being aware of the energies.

    And since you are easily overwhelmed, you’ll need to learn to use some tools to maintain your separation between your energy and the energies you are reading. Some people call this protection, and that’s accurate. But it is also a way to clarity. If your energy is covering and mixing with the energy you’re trying to read, it gets ten times more difficult to read.

    So first things first: how to improve your control over your energy.

    Try this. Sit in a chair. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feet flat on the floor. Hands separated and resting palms up on each thigh.

    Create a grounding cord. This is a line of energy that connects your first chakra to the center of the planet. Your first chakra is a ball of energy about the size of a quarter that sits just in front of the base of your spine. Your grounding cord attaches to the bottom of that ball of energy.

    Grounding makes your body feel safe, so you release energy more easily. Gravity pulls whatever you release, even your own energy, down to the center of the planet. No effort on your part. The center of the planet neutralizes the energy and returns it to whoever owns it. No karma for anyone. A virtuous cycle.

    Nearly everyone goes to connect to the center of the planet the first time but stops at the soil, often making roots like a tree. This is a method that is taught in some martial arts styles, but it is not the best option for your spiritual development and healing.

    So, notice the seat of your chair. Take a deep breath. Notice the distance between the seat and the floor. Now notice the distance between the floor and the soil below. Breathe.

    Now notice the distance between the soil and the water table underneath. Notice the distance between the water table and the rocky mantle. Notice the distance between the mantle and the molten core below that. Deep breath.

    Notice the distance between the molten core and the center of the planet. That ball of light at the very center of the planet is where you connect your grounding cord. Deep breath.

    Say hello to the center of the planet. Do you get a hello back?

    Notice the color and texture of your grounding cord. It may look like a line of energy, or look like something physical; a rope, a wire, a pipe, a tree trunk. Adjust it as needed to be in affinity with your body.

    Getting this far means you’ve already released some energy from your aura and body. Now it is time to fill in the space that was created.

    Create a gold sun over your head. Have it call back all of your energy from wherever you left it throughout your day and week. Work. School. Online meetings. Video games. Your fantasies about your future. Your regrets about your past. Wherever you’ve placed your attention. Just watch the energy come back and see if you notice where it came from.

    Have the sun burn up and neutralize your energy. Then bring the sun into the top of your head. It will automatically flow into the spaces you created. Create a gauge to measure when you’re full. Like a fuel gauge or oil gauge. You’ll run better if you aren’t a few quarts low on spiritual oil. If the gauge doesn’t read “Full”, bring in another gold sun.

    Open your eyes, bend over and touch the floor, draining any tension from the back of your neck, then stand up, and stretch.

    There is a progression with this technique. After grounding for ten minutes a day for a week or two, notice your grounding cord at the very end, while you’re standing with your eyes open. Continue to ground with your eyes open and standing, and bring in another gold sun. Each day, increase the amount of time that you ground standing up with your eyes open.

    After a week or two practicing this, add walking while grounded. Just notice your grounding cord as you walk. Say hello to the center of the planet while you walk. Bring in a gold sun while you walk. If you lose your grounding cord, stop walking and recover it. If you have to, sit back down and close your eyes and create a new grounding cord.

    After this, you’re ready to take your grounding cord with you into your daily life. Shopping. Getting coffee. Wherever you go, you can ground. This, combined with a little amusement about seeing new things on an energy level, will keep you safe and sound.

    The next step after you ground, even if you try to read cards today after your first attempt at grounding, it to use a symbol to mark where your energy ends and the world begins. I use a rose; it’s neutral and is easy to distinguish from everything else in my aura and the energies of everything else (even in a rose garden; been there, did readings there).

    So create the image of a rose. Have that rose go to the edge of your aura. If it disappears, start pulling your energy back towards your body until your aura is within arm’s length from your body; about 16 to 18 inches all around, above, and below.

    Reading cards is done close to your body, so just have your rose be between you and the cards. Don’t overthink it; it’s helping you maintain separation from the cards. That’s all.

    Have fun! I don’t believe in a formalized dark night of the soul idea; I don’t find that idea useful. It sets an expectation that isn’t fun. Some folks do get benefit from the idea when they find themselves with their heads up their butts, but that’s more from them knowing that their experience isn’t unique to them; lots of folks have gone through a rough patch.

    And don’t stop your meds. They can change your energy, but they cannot stop you from learning to use your abilities.

    And if you ground every day, that arduous process is no longer arduous. Life for a psychic does not have to be hard and then you die. LOL! You just have to learn to manage your energy while you read, and you won’t fill up with pain, your growth will not be traumatic but smooth and enjoyable. Sure, some days will be better than others, but that will be true as long as you’re alive.

    You learn to read by reading. The more readings you do, the better you get at it. And, the better you manage your energy, the faster your reading skills will develop. Managing your energy is like housekeeping. If you don’t take the trash out of your kitchen for six months, you won’t be able to get into the kitchen anymore. If you don’t clean the energy out that gets stirred up when doing readings, at some point you won’t be able to read as well, and/or you’ll experience more pain when you read. This is simply because the energy piles up in your space, causing your energy to slow down or stall, and bodies often experience stagnant energy as pain.

    So have fun! Being psychic is a lot of fun if you manage your energy.

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