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    please please help with this interpretation

  • please please help with this interpretation

    Ecaobia updated 3 years, 5 months ago 1 Member · 5 Replies
  • sihouette9310

    February 7, 2021 at 4:05 am

    I agree with the two cards but to me the ten of swords means hard work and finding that ability to carry that load to where it needs to go. He’s not just picking up sticks just to pick sticks he’s trying to build something in my opinion . So to me personally it’s pretty obvious that it’s not going to be easy but you need to be determined to finish the task even if it means going up hill doing it .

  • hartssl

    February 7, 2021 at 4:05 am

    deck: Âme Tarot Deck by LaMuciDesign on Etsy

    TW: this is about my (pretty toxic) relationship with food, so i’m putting a TW in case that’s a trigger for anyone!

    1. how can i have a better relationship with food? Page of Cups
    2. How can I eat healthy and still maintain my mental health? (for context whenever I try to keep track of what I eat it makes me feel worse and I just end up spiraling) Ace of Pentacles rx
    3. How can I overcome my unhealthy relationship with food? 10 of wands

    I just used a simple 3 card spread, nothing super special or crazy. just 3 for the intent of the reading – which is to gain more clarity about how i can have a healthy relationship with food. i learned when i first started tarot that simple 3 card spreads go left to right so the positions of the cards and questions correspond in that way.

    my interpretation:
    1. Page of Cups – to me it seems like this card is telling me to enter a new phase of how i VIEW food. i’ve been stuck on viewing food as a vice and as something i have to restrict myself from enjoying. this card is hard for me to interpret though – from my understanding, it’s all about intuition and trusting yourself, but my relationship with food has been so skewed for so long that I don’t know what part of me to trust and how to do that. i guess it might be saying that i need to become more accepting that this is a problem for me and that it’s something i can fix?
    2. Ace of Pentacles rx – I think this card is telling me that it’s not a good idea to start another food journal or new habit or diet or anything like that, as it won’t be successful. i feel like this card is saying that this isn’t the time for action – building on the Page of Cups, it may be a time for reevaluation and introspection instead? i’ve tried so many things to help me be healthier with food and none of them have worked so i guess this card is saying to slow down and think critically instead of jumping into some new method.
    3. 10 of wands – this card simultaneously resonated with me and confused me, i think it’s saying that I need to ask for help and not carry this burden myself (that’s what resonated). if this card signals completion of a cycle, maybe it’s saying i’m moving towards a healthier relationship with food and out of the rut i’m stuck in now? that’s the part that confused me – i don’t know WHAT could be being completed because i still feel so stuck and like i’m not making any progress with overcoming this unhealthy relationship.

    I would love a second opinion because I’ve been torn up about this for so long that I don’t know if I’m in the right headspace to interpret it correctly. Thank you :’)

  • TeaExtension9388

    February 7, 2021 at 4:05 am

    I did my own interpretation for you although I feel your intuition knows best 🙂
    Page of cups being a card about relationships I want to say that this card talks about where you are at in your relationship to food almost like you are curious about this relationship and wish to know more like you are starting a new journey or need to start this next journey with a sense of ease and a little playfulness, to keep from putting too much pressure on yourself.
    Ace of pentacles is a mood card definitely so for this reading the tone is to be practical with yourself and find a way to think of practical solutions for yourself. The ten of wands card means good fortune is coming your way and that much needed support will come your way soon to help you. It’s also a card of good creative flow, so get creative 🙂

  • New-Management1976

    February 7, 2021 at 4:05 am

    Your interpretation is spot on! I can say is that trusting your intuition and having more faith in yourself to break this habit will help. It helps be kind to yourself instead beating yourself because consuming only guilt/shame can hinder you on your path.

    Ace of pentacles rx. Yeah. If those options haven’t worked then it is best to take a rest and collect your thoughts.

    10 of wands feels like it’s an obstacle, but—as you said— will find a path that’s healthy and works for you and you’ll be able to drop what’s burdening you

    Don’t worry. You’re listening to your intuition and interpreting how you need to.

  • Ecaobia

    February 7, 2021 at 4:05 am

    This process of reading is inherently flawed. You are providing one card per question instead of following a practiced spread. Start again with a three card reading, and regard your 3 questions as a singular situation that the cards will speak of.

    First card: situation
    Second card: suggestion
    Third card: resolution

    I have been doing tarot for quite some time now, and I can tell that you have talent in forming narratives from the base meanings of the cards. Grow this talent and practice the art daily.

    In terms of what your cards could have meant…

    The page of cups is about reevaluating relationships. The ace of pentacles is about starting a new project. The ten of wands is about the long road ahead. Though this long road may symbolize your road to recovery, this journey is also symbolized by an ace, meaning newness and inspiration. Take a hint from the Hanged Man and change your perspective. Perhaps the relationship you need to change is that with your goals. The road may be long, but it doesn’t have to be arduous. You are the walker, and you choose your path. Enjoy the hike and celebrate the markers you pass along the way.

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