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    Hello All…

    If this thread is pinned to the sub it means Shitpost Saturday is Open.

    What is Shitpost Saturday?

    Normally we have 8 rules on this subreddit, but today (every Saturday, EST) only rules 1, 7 & 8 are being enforced.

    What we allow today…

    Send us your tarot pictures, your tarot memes, your favorite decks, your tarot set-ups and altars, you stories, your beginner questions, your half completed spreads, your gushing posts, your fluffy posts, your art work, as long as it is Tarot (or other Cartomancy) it is okay today!

    What is not allowed today…

    Again… It must be related to Tarot or other forms of Cartomancy. This is not a general witchcraft, psychic, Jungian or occult sub. Yes there are overlaps, but they are not the same thing.

    Rule 1, Promotional content (of any-kind) is still limited to the Promotions Megathread… This means no social media and/or YouTube invites, reading services, or marketplace links.

    Rule 7, Do not Distribute, Share, Request, or Offer Pirated copies of books or tarot cards. If something you are sharing is copy-left, or in the public domain, make it easy for us to find that information.

    Rule 8, Don't be an ass, No Gatekeeping, Harassing, Belittling or Dismissing another person or another person's beliefs. Critique of ideas are acceptable, dismissive, ad hominem and other personal attacks are not.

    This is a new feature of the sub, we are still working on it, things may change. Currently we have this set up for Eastern Time (New York, Toronto, Montreal, Miami), it will last for 24 hours. Keep in mind the auto-moderator is still active, your post may be temporarily filtered.

  • Shitpost Saturday is Open on r/tarot!

     -DitchWitch- updated 1 month, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
  • Rainyx3

    April 6, 2024 at 6:28 am

    I need help with an interpretation please. I was asking if I should pursue a relationship with someone I had in mind but kept getting mixed readings I feel? I think this person would be very good for me and could help me heal a lot from the conversations we’ve had, but I wanted to ask the universe and I am confused.

    First pull: knight of cups, queen of pentacles reversed and hanged man

    Second pull: ace of cups reversed, ten of cups and seven of cups

    Third pull: ace of pentacles, death reversed, five of cups reversed

    Fourth pull: queen of swords, knight of pentacles reversed and three of pentacles reversed

  • scorpioseadragon

    April 6, 2024 at 6:28 am

    I think my co-worker may fancy me. But she’s in a relationship. I’m a single queer woman in my 40s, she’s a queer woman in her 30s.

    I have a teeny crush on her (harmless). But mainly just want to develop a friendship. I wouldn’t become sexual or romantic with someone who is in a relationship. Is it safe for me to keep fostering a friendship?

    The 10 of Swords is quite concerning. Although, I did tell her I have some baggage from past relationships. So maybe it’s about me healing.


    1. How does she feel about me? 5 of swords, Lovers, Page of Cups
    2. What does she want from me? (jumper – Hierophant), 8 of wands, 10 of swords, Devil rx
    3. What are her intentions with me? Queen of Wands rx, King of Pentacles, Chariot rx (shadow KoC)

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