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Forums Forums Astrology Sun/moon signs ranked from most to least likely to be classed as “highly emotionally sensitive”/easily hurt etc.

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    1. Pisces sun(19/2-20/3)/Pisces moon

    2. Cancer sun(21/6-22/7)/Cancer moon

    3. Libra sun(23/9-22/10)/Libra moon

    4. Scorpio sun(23/10-21/11)/Scorpio moon

    5. Gemini sun(21/5-20/6)/Gemini moon

    6. Leo sun(23/7-22/8)/Leo moon

    7. Virgo sun(23/8-22/9)/Virgo moon

    8. Aries sun(21/3-19/4)/Aries moon

    9. Sagittarius sun(22/11-21/12)/Sagittarius moon

    10. Taurus sun(20/4-20/5)/Taurus moon

    11. Aquarius sun(20/1-18/2)/Aquarius moon

    12. Capricorn sun(22/12-19.1)/Capricorn moon

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