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    Hi friends! Wishing you all a productive Wednesday 🙂

    I've been reading tarot for a while now, and about two years professionally.

    Recently, I find myself getting stuck on particular cards and I always have the feeling that they're trying to say more but I'm stuck in a rut. I'm not sure if I feel this way because I see a lot of the same cards for people regardless if they know each other, if I use different decks, or if I shuffle a million times before drawing cards, or if I'm too critical of myself.

    Are there any card interpretations or cards that you find you interpret differently than others?

    I almost feel as though I'm so close to tapping into more knowledge or wisdom but I don't really have anyone else who reads that "gets it" or wants to talk deeply about this IRL – so I'd love to hear others' opinions!

    For example, the Six of Wands in Reverse is a card I typically feel as an emotional let-down, something not turning out the way the person expected, or not taking the time to celebrate their victories both big and small. This card has come up in multiple readings over the past few weeks and I always feel like a broken record, but again, that internal criticism is hard to avoid.

    Now here's a way that I read that I wish more people used for themselves in readings, especially when cards feel overwhelming or disconnected from each other: How are the cards interacting with one another? Putting the meaning of the cards aside for a few moments, I like to study the artwork of the cards. Which way is the X card facing? Is it "looking" or facing the card to its left/right or above/below? What about the card that most accurately represents the person receiving the reading/yourself? What might that card represent about what that person/you are feeling or striving towards?

    I hope some of this makes sense — again I think this all stems back to overthinking but I'd love to discuss in the comments!

    Much love – noodles

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