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Forums Forums Astrology What top 3 would you think is the most stereotypical manosphere fanatic

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    Thought I’d ask this question as I would have all sorts of interesting answers and explanations, mind you I’m sure any sign can be normal functional people, but what top 3 would you pick to resemble a person who would be a stereotypical Andrew Tate fan or alpha male youtuber.
    The manosphere is basically a toxic group of men who make videos targeted toward insecure men about who “modern women” are causing all the problems with dating, and demeaning women in misogynistic, sexist, and cherry-picking ways by showing clips or amplifying any woman who does problematic or toxic things and making it about the gender.

    For those still confused or unintroduced to this culture, look up “high value man” on YouTube and you’ll see the kind of people I’m talking about. What would be your top 3 (sun, moon, rising) zodiac pick for a stereotypical manosphere man. Any other planets or houses, etc. are welcome

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