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NOTE all readings are timeless. Pick from the titles what resonates with you.

Guidance comes through from the Angelic realm, the Ancestors, Spirit Guides and the cards are used to bring clarity. On this channel readings are for our Tribe and they differ from one on one readings as in 1:1 readings with clients readings are more in depth as all questions are answered.
EMAIL – wisdomfromtheangels@gmail.com
WEBSITE – www.carolynjwoodson.com
PAYMENT. VENMO – @Carolyn-Woodson-1
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OFFERINGS listed below:

Email response sent to email used to pay for services. Please check the email you are using is correct. Upon payment send screenshot of the payment, what’s going on and you will have a response within 24 hours. NOTE: No weekend readings are done.
PRIVATE READINGS AVAILABLE. Email wisdomfromtheangels@gmail.com to schedule. All personal readings for one on one sessions are done by Zoom or phone.
Private readings can be done on the weekends.
Great for a new year read, a birthday or a situation that is showing up in your life.

NEXT STEPS: SCREENSHOT payment or an invoice can be sent upon receipt of email request.

All sessions require prepayment. Upon repayment and verification of funds, sessions are booked.

Emergency readings are written & sent via email within 24- 48 hours of purchase: $75.00. Email receipt and questions (2-3) to wisdomfromtheangels@gmail.com.

Distance (remote) healing is an integration of energy modalities used to shift the energies currently impacting you. How is it done? After you have completed the purchase and responded to an email about your current circumstances. A written report is sent to your email address once the session is completed. Allow 48 hours. Any questions? More information can be obtained by emailing wisdomfromtheangels@gmail.com.


No refunds are given on any services.

Disclaimer: Follow your own guidance and do what is for your highest best and good. Wisdom from the Angels and Carolyn along with Spiritual Adventures LLC are not physicians, lawyers or therapists, nor do they represent those credentials and you understand that they are not liable for any actions you choose to take in your life. YOU are in charge of your life and you rely on your own judgment. This is for adult entertainment purposes only. The content is not for children.

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