Intuitive Empath Training ~ The Real Third Eye (Part 2 of 4)

Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy Training & Education ~ Human Emotional Response Optimization™ (The H.E.R.O. Method) ~ Part 2 of 4 on understanding 3rd Eye function in the brain! Come get nerdy with us!

We specialize in Emotional Healing Therapy For Highly Sensitive People & The Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy with our Signature "H.E.R.O. Method™" using Human Emotional Response Optimization™.

In our Intuitive Empath Training Videos, you will not only find tips on Emotional Healing, Empathy and Empathic Awareness, but Empath Self Care, Empath Healing and Wellness, navigating the Empath Awakening with ease and Psychic Empath Development tips.

If you are ready to go deep and become your own H.E.R.O., we offer our Signature Emotional Healing Courses, The Self-Love Blueprint™ & The 90-Day Transformation Program™. Here, we guide you to become your own H.E.R.O. on your healing journey to uninhibited emotional liberation.

Should you find your intuition opening to a high level (which often happens once you clear and master your emotions), we also provide Quality Empath Education for Empaths & The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) at our school Zen Ed Academy™ where we educate, train and certify Empath Healers, Empath Mediums, Psychic Empaths, Gifted Empaths, Sensitive Empaths, Psychic Intuitive Empaths & Psychic Medium Empaths in the Healing, Psychic Mediumship & Intuitive Arts in our professional certification programs.

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❤️ H.E.R.O. ~ Human Emotional Response Optimization™ ❤️

You are born to take care of your own feelings when you grow up.
But sometimes, bad things can happen (like trauma & unresolved emotions).

As you get older, those bad feelings block the good feelings & cause stress, anxiety, or anger.
It might seem hard to deal with those feelings.
Adults don’t always teach us how to feel our feelings in a good way (yes, even the bad ones).

Instead, we’re taught to think happy thoughts & do happy things instead of thinking about the bad things that happened.
Instead of working through the emotions the right way, we pile happy feel-good on top trying to make it feel better.

That’s happy sprinkles on a crap cake!
You might find yourself codependent on a spiritual system, a religion, a relationship, or a strict code of behavior just to feel "safe" again.

Why? Because it feels good, like the happy sprinkles on a crap cake.
Short-term feel good.

It’s trading one addiction for another. And it blocks you from your real emotional power and self-reliance.

We help you break the addictive cycle of codependence that keeps you looking for acceptance from others.

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: You CAN’T trust your intuition and be a badass until you heal your emotional response.

It’s time to clear the clutter blocking your awesome sauce!

Isn’t it time you become your own H.E.R.O.?

🎉 H.E.R.O. ~ Human Emotional Response Optimization™
🎉 Emotional Healing Therapy For The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
🎉 Quality Intuitive Empath Education & Training

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