What Is The Third Eye? Understanding The Real Third Eye (2 of 4)

What Is The Third Eye? Understanding The Real Third Eye (2 of 4) on understanding 3rd Eye function in the brain! Come get nerdy with us!

Welcome to another Zen Rose Garden Pro Tip series coming up in this video, third eye, the real thing, numero dos tip 2 the limbic system and the anterior cingulate cortex.

What Is The Third Eye
Old & New Parts Of The Brain

The oldest part of the brain that ruled our existence for 150 million years is the limbic system where the amygdala sits that’s in control of fight or flight, right? Don’t get me wrong now.

We need that primitive part of our brain for a lot of things, right? Not just to tell us we’re afraid or not afraid.

The frontal lobe is the newer part of the brain, and it evolved to its current state only about 100 to 200,000 years ago.

In this video, we talk about the Freak Out Center & The Chill out Center, and how that relates to your Third Eye.

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Understanding Spirit Guides, Learn To Trust Your Intuition!

Learn How To Hear & Understand Your Spirit Guides & Trust Your Intuition. (Intuitive Empath Spirit Guides & Empath Tips)
✔️ What Are Spirit Guides?
• First we have to be clear what we’re talking about. So, we break down some different names, some of which you might already be familiar with.
✔️ Clearing The Static On The Line:
• You’ll learn what causes static on your line, and how to clear it so you can receive better messages with less confusion.
✔️ Is It Intuition Or Emotion?
• You’ll learn how to tell the difference between emotion and intuition so you can get better messages, and answer the question, is it me or my guides… You’ll also learn how to recognize the 2 voices.
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